Thoughts at the dentist office

I recently took Cody and Nick to the dentist for their routine cleanings and it all went mostly well. I say mostly because Nick had a cavity so of course we had to discuss yet again that when I ask him to brush and floss his teeth it isn’t because I’m being a mean Mom, it’s because I’d like him to keep his teeth beyond the age of 25. As Cody sat in the chair, though, I suddenly found myself remembering and thinking about how how far he has come with visits like these. I can remember how much of a challenge it was when he was much younger as the doctor or dental hygienist would come at him with one of many tools to poke, scrape, or prod. On this day, though, he just declared the occasional ouch, you hurt me! as his teeth were being scraped of stuff. The hygienist would apologize and I would repeat that he’s doing a great job and that it won’t be much longer. He’d relax and as soon as she hurt him again, he’d say the same thing, only it was in a tone that said how rude of you to keep doing it after I said it hurt the first time. Needless to say, I believe it was uncomfortable because I’ve sat in that chair and I don’t particularly like how it feels to have someone in my mouth scraping and rinsing and constantly repeating the words open wide, but I will say that he was probably uncomfortable. He’s truly come such a long way from that tiny little boy who would throw his hand up in the air to block the hand of whatever healthcare provider who was coming at him with his/her stethoscope or teeth scraper. I sat there and watched as he lay with his sunglasses on to block the bright light, arms at his side, mostly relaxed because he now knows this person isn’t going to harm him, she just wants to clean his teeth and send him on his way with a new toothbrush and spool of floss. As much as there are days when I wish like crazy we could back to when he was a little boy and not towering over me with his height, I’m grateful and proud for how far he’s come. It’s been a long, and sometimes tough, road, but at that moment in the dentist office I found something to be grateful for because there’s another part of me that’s scared as hell at the thought of Cody becoming an adult, which happens to be at the end of this year. Time is going by way too fast.

I couldn’t possibly talk about Cody and a visit to the dentist without sharing a video with you that he absolutely loves. One of Cody’s most favorite things to do is look at videos on YouTube. From clips of The Price is Right to those shared of his favorite rides at Walt Disney World, it’s something that brings him incredible joy. Well, there’s a video that he’s probably already single handedly given 1,000 views to that happens to be a little boy after visiting the dentist for a little procedure. You may have already seen it because it’s been shared and shared again by many others, but for Cody, I’m sharing it with you today.



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