Happy Birthday to the Price is Right

I may have mentioned a time or two that Cody is an avid  fan of the game show The Price is Right. Avid fan is probably an understatement because I fear his head may explode from the excitement as we watch the program every day when he arrives home from school. So far his head […]

WWE to Debut show for kids

I’ve mentioned a time or two that I have a few huge WWE Wrestling fans in my family. They watch everything from Monday Night Raw to pay-per-views, they read WWE Magazine, and in between all of that they keep updated online with all news concerning their favorite Superstars. That certainly sounds like a fair amount […]

Look out for the calorie cop

A favorite television show my husband and I like to watch together is ABC’s Primetime Show What Would You Do?  In case you aren’t familiar with the show, basically they set up scenarios with actors and see how outsiders would react.  Will they speak up or just walk on by?  I do think that some of their […]