I Baked Too Many Christmas Cookies & Made A New Year’s Resolution

This past weekend I got the bright idea to make some sweet holiday treats with the intention of packing them in cute little boxes and giving them away today. The problem is that I wasn’t able to come up with as many people as I had hoped to give them to so I was left […]

Still Recycling into 2011

Last night I was thinking about New Year’s resolutions, specifically how they related to my blog and living a green lifestyle.  For the most part, it’s just become a habit for us, but every now and then when I look at the overflowing, somewhat of an eye sore,  mountain of recyclables in the corner of my […]

A Shocking New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight

When I first started this blog my main goal was to share my knowledge about living a greener lifestyle. Obvious by the name, I know, but still. So, now I am realizing there is so much I want to write about and share when it comes to my family and the day to day adventures […]

A Few Easy and Green Resolutions!

Okay, so I always try to make New Year’s resolutions, but don’t always stick to them so I am going to give myself a goal that I know I can be successful at. I plan to start with turning off the water while I am brushing my teeth! This is such a hard one for […]