A Few Easy and Green Resolutions!

Okay, so I always try to make New Year’s resolutions, but don’t always stick to them so I am going to give myself a goal that I know I can be successful at. I plan to start with turning off the water while I am brushing my teeth! This is such a hard one for me, but why do we really need the water to run down the drain while brushing our teeth? Is it soothing or are we just that lazy we can’t simply turn it on as we need to for rinsing? Another great idea would be to have a small glass of water to use for rinsing while brushing and you won’t have to turn on the water at all. Here’s a trick to try. Let the water run while brushing and plug your drain. See if you fill the sink once or several times. It will be a real eye opener and if you pay a water bill, it must may motivate you to make this change. The trickier part is getting everyone in the family on board!
Another goal we could all probably achieve that is related to water usage is only flushing when needed. This one may sound yucky, but go with with the motto: “if it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.” It takes several gallons for just one flush so this one may just be worth it, too!
A fun idea I also think would be great, especially for those of us with kids who are glued to some sort of electronic device these days, is to institute a time period during the day when everything gets turned off and everyone has to come up with something to do that does not require electricity(except maybe lights if it is the evening). Maybe board games as a family! I think a realistic amount of time is one hour each day. This will save on your electricity bill, lower your carbon footprint and create some family bonding!!
How about bringing your own mug to your favorite coffee shop. I find that they will often charge a flat price for this which is usually better than buying the usual size you may normally purchase or simply give a discount. Personally, I prefer to brew my own coffee at home and take some in my travel mug when I leave, but for those special treats at the coffee shop, it is one less cup to throw out if you bring your own.
These are a few ideas that won’t cost you anything except for the effort, but they all make a little difference to your wallet and the environment!
So, a Happy Greener Year to everyone!


  1. Certainly! It’s great to see that you’re setting achievable goals for the New Year that can make a positive impact on the environment and your wallet. Turning off the water while brushing your teeth is a simple habit change that can save a surprising amount of water over time, and using a glass of water for rinsing is a smart alternative. It’s also a good idea to consider only flushing when necessary to further reduce water usage.
    These are all great ideas that require little effort and can have a positive impact on both the environment and your budget. Best of luck with your green goals for the New Year! And if you’re looking for a professional resume writer Canada to help you achieve your career goals, there are many experienced writers available who can help you craft a strong and effective resume.

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