Purple Heart

When I was growing up my Dad never talked about his military service and honestly I was afraid to ask about it. I think this is especially true with Veterans who served in Vietnam because of conversations I have had with others who knew or had loved ones who served in the military during that time. […]

Favorite memories

We had a really nice five days of no school and no alarm clock to set. It was wonderful to focus on Cody’s birthday, food, the holiday and spending time with family. As I think back through the last several days there are moments that stick out as the most memorable, the ones that mean […]

The Muppets opening on……

Yesterday I received an email with some fun information about The Muppets Movie that opens on my birthday this Thanksgiving. These emails are always fun and filled with video clips or one sheets, even a fashion piece featuring Miss Piggy, but I have just one teeny tiny issue I need to discuss with Disney. I get that it makes […]

November – It’s NaBloPoMo

November brings with it a certain nip in the air that reminds me winter is quickly approaching, but it’s also the month that has brought the most joyous memory of giving birth to Cody and also the most painful memory of sitting at my Dad’s bedside as he took his last breath. This all should probably give me plenty to […]