Favorite memories

We had a really nice five days of no school and no alarm clock to set. It was wonderful to focus on Cody’s birthday, food, the holiday and spending time with family. As I think back through the last several days there are moments that stick out as the most memorable, the ones that mean a lot to me. In between all of the baking, cooking, driving in the car, and (watching Paul) shoveling and snowblowing there were times that I wish I could have frozen time and just allowed time to stand still and simply savor the moment(s). While there was also stress and missing those who are no longer with us or in our lives, especially during the holidays, there was definitely so much to be grateful for and those are the memories I want to bottle up and save for a rainy day.

  • Watching Cody endlessly play his new Price is Right Wii game that he got for a birthday gift, so much so, that he said his legs hurt from standing so long. That’s a true sign of money well spent.
  • Birthday wishes from friends online – I was truly so focused on making Cody’s day special that I had moments of forgetting it was my birthday, too, so every time I heard my phone chime that I had a Facebook notification or a Twitter mention with a birthday wish, it brought a smile to my face……each and every time.
  • Looking on as Nick stood beside Cody while he read his birthday cards, just in case he needed help with reading any of the words. My heart swells the most when this happens.
  • Unexpected birthday gifts – like I mentioned it was not only Cody’s birthday last week, but it was also mine, and I got a few gifts. That’s what happens when you hit a milestone year, people buy you gifts or obnoxiously large balloons. Still, it was so nice to receive those couple extra cards and surprise gifts and those balloons that take a really long time to deflate.
  • A sweet hug and birthday wish from my Uncle. Everyone affectionately calls him Grumpy, but I know better.
  • Introducing my cousin to Angry Birds. Seriously, my civic duty for the holiday. He was hooked by the end of the visit and even beat some of my high scores. Beginner’s luck, no doubt.

Truly there were so many wonderful moments during our holiday break and I’m grateful for every single one of them. Mostly though, I’m grateful for the the people who I shared those memories with, I think I’ll keep them.


  1. Obnoxious! Well, I never!! HeHe!!!:)

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