Our first CSA

So last year at about this time I got a recommendation from a friend for a local farm to contact because I expressed interest in trying a CSA. Now you’re either Googling CSA or you’ve made up something in your head as to what it stands for. Go ahead, have fun with that. OR maybe […]

Kind of in support of Small Business Saturday

Today is the first-ever Small Business Saturday.   Basically, it’s a movement to support those who own businesses in our local communities with our purchases, dining, or something else.  I am a big supporter of local businesses whenever possible.  I love the coffee shop where most of the gals behind the counter are super friendly and I prefer […]

Meatless Monday – Homemade Pasta Sauce

If there’s one thing we all love, at least in my family, it’s a delicious pasta dish smothered in a yummy marinara sauce.  What heightens the level of enjoyment is when that sauce is made from scratch with love, sweat, and a sore wrist from slicing and dicing. The other thing that makes it so […]

Eating What’s in Season for Optiumum Quality and Taste

Have you ever bought strawberries at the grocery store?  In December?  I am sure many of us have, but most likely they weren’t local, actually in my case and for many others, they definitely aren’t local in December.  They traveled thousands of miles, through many conditions, having been touched by several hands before making it to […]