Kind of in support of Small Business Saturday

Today is the first-ever Small Business Saturday.   Basically, it’s a movement to support those who own businesses in our local communities with our purchases, dining, or something else.  I am a big supporter of local businesses whenever possible.  I love the coffee shop where most of the gals behind the counter are super friendly and I prefer my small local movie theater over some high-tech fancy one in the bigger cities.  If I am looking for something in particular that I know a downtown retailer is apt to carry then I would much rather give them my dollars than a big corporation.  I travel less in my car, using less gas and, ultimately, less money, so it’s a win in the green aspect, but mostly in my wallet.  This isn’t to say that I believe we should only support local businesses with our purchases, especially if the owner is someone I wouldn’t consider a very kind personal in general.  Recently I decided to venture to a local store because I was looking for a few things in particular that were unique and would make wonderful gifts for a couple of people on my shopping list.  As I filled my arms with stuff, I heard something that caught me off guard and really, really bothered me.  I heard the owner of this particular shop speaking in a very demeaning and disrespectful tone to one their staff members.  
WhatReallyEspecially with shoppers in your store
Now, I don’t think this is ever okay regardless of whether it was done in private or out in the open for all to hear.  I simply can’t give business to someone who would speak to another person that way, to one of their employees that way.  So, you know what I did?  I quietly put my few things back on the shelves and left the store.  I had personally only ever had good interactions with the owner of this business, but after witnessing such behavior I decided that I won’t be shopping there ever again.  Too harsh?  I don’t think so.  Although this might be a tough economy, especially for small business owners, it should never be okay as a human being to speak to another human being in such a nasty tone of voice with words that I don’t even care to share with you here.
What do you think?  Would it change your shopping habits if you heard a business owner speaking to their employee in a rude and disrespectful way? 


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