21 Jump Street movie thinks making fun of autism is comedy

I’ve talked about my son Cody on more than one occasion. More specifically, I’ve talked about his autism and how challenging it can be, but also how much of an amazing gift he is to our family and everyone he comes in contact with. Last week I wrote a post about something I feel strongly about, […]

More baths – A Not-So-Green Resolution

Okay, for the most part you know I’m about as green as they come.  I recycle, I don’t purchase plastic water bottles, I leave the house with coffee in a travel mug and my reusable shopping bags stuffed inside my purse.  I never buy paper towels or napkins and I can’t live without my Diva […]

Green Jealousy is an Ugly Thing

Ever get some pretty exciting news and couldn’t wait to share it with that one person who you just knew would be happy for you only to have them totally crap on your cupcake?  Or drop a dead bird at your feet?  Well, it happened to me this morning and it all went down through direct messages on […]

A Bit of Insight Into ME!

I’ll just be honest. When I first started with my website and then my blog, I wanted(no, needed) to make money from home. I worked hard with the help of my husband to build our website from scratch and thought it would be so easy. We built it and “they would come.” Well, I wasn’t […]