Ford Green Driving Technology Event

My very first vehicle as a teenager was a Ford Fairmont.  She was lovingly named Bertha by several of my girlfriends and was ever reliable to get us around when we had places to go and people to see.  There were leather seats and a tape deck and four doors, other than that, it wasn’t […]

Struggling with maintaining a niche blog

When I first started this blog I had this grand idea of learning and sharing lots of great information about being green and hopefully motivating, maybe even inspiring, others to implement some eco-friendly habits into their lives. I wanted to have fun with it, for the most part.  I didn’t think ahead enough to realize how tough […]

Soda Stream Review and Giveaway

Okay, as many of you may know I am heading to New York City this week for my first ever conference, BlogHer.  Apparently, there is a whole lot of swag.  So much so, I am told to bring an extra empty suitcase to bring it all home.  That’s a lot of swag!  Now, how could I […]

Deodorant – Oh, Who Needs it Anyway!

Do you have a dirty little secret that you’d like to share, but worry about being judged if you do?  I did, up until now.  I am just gonna let it out, though, because I feel like we’ve bonded so much.  You know, like I bond with my coffee every morning.  That’s huge.  Me and […]

A Great Read for your Green Bookshelf!

I was thinking about how far we have come as a family in our journey to a more green lifestyle. It all started almost a year ago. It was Earth Day and I decided to watch an episode of Oprah. Of course it was an episode devoted to living a more eco-concious lifestyle and one […]