A Great Read for your Green Bookshelf!

I was thinking about how far we have come as a family in our journey to a more green lifestyle. It all started almost a year ago. It was Earth Day and I decided to watch an episode of Oprah. Of course it was an episode devoted to living a more eco-concious lifestyle and one of her guests was Julia Roberts(who I love) so I was hooked automatically. I will admit, I hadn’t thought much about everything my family was doing to harm the environment or ourselves for that matter. Julia Roberts introduced her close friend and author, Sophie Uliano, and I watched and took notes! Sophie is the author of the book Gorgeously Green: 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life(doesn’t it just sound fun!?)I mean every time I heard someone mention caring more about the earth I immediately thought hippie/crunchy! That is just not me! To see that someone was presenting a greener lifestyle without sacrificing beauty meant a lot to me. After the show I practically ran out and bought the book, which I have to add is printed responsibly….recycled paper and soy ink!

In the book Sophie covers such topics as your health and beauty products to cleaning products and then even what foods you buy. What I really love is that although there are many suggestions for products you can switch to there are also many do-it-yourself recipes for making such things as your own facial cleanser to an all-purpose household spray cleaner. The only cleaner in my house is the homemade recipe in Gorgeously Green: 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life and not only is it way healthier for me and my family, but also for the environment and my wallet! This book is definitely a great reference and if you want a more fun, gorgeous way to be green then you won’t be disappointed!

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