Okay, so I am a bit excited about reusing! It doesn’t take much to get me excited when it comes to being green! So, I had many great glass peanut butter jars that I cleaned and put in my cupboard over the last several months. I didn’t want to recycle them because I knew I would come up with something to do with them, but I wasn’t sure what that was going to be. In the meantime, they were piling up! Then it hit me! We celebrated my son’s 14th birthday party on Sunday with a party of family and friends. I always hated the usual goodie bags that go home and you end up shoving into a drawer or in the trash and I wanted to be creative. I made a batch of a favorite family treat and filled each jar for the guests to take home with them. I had a sheet of sticker paper taking up space on my computer desk and decided to create a personal label with a message and stick them on the jar as a thank from my son. Most of the guests had at least an hour to drive home and were thrilled with the yummy treat. I have already had requests for the recipe(I should have attached it to each jar). I am so pleased that there will be very little waste(I have a feeling most were eaten before they all even arrived home) and I made a request that they all promise to recycle the glass jar rather than throw them away or at least find another use for them. Yes, I am excited about this….like I said before, it is the small things and now my cupboard has a little more space and I can start again for my next reusing project!


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