10 Great Ways to Reuse an Empty Glass Jar!


From honey jars to peanut butter and almond butter jars, I definitely have my share of glass accumulating in my cupboard of storage containers. I mention these particular ones because they seem to clean the best and the labels come off the easiest! I decided to share some of my favorite ways to reuse a glass jar again…..and again!

1. A lovely planter for small plants or herbs-just make sure you put some small rocks in the bottom for proper drainage.

2. How about a cute little vase for some freshly cut flowers? You could even buy a bunch of flowers and hand paint or decorate the jar and give as beautiful gift.

3. Dry food storage is one of my favorites since I buy most of mine in bulk…..things like rice, sugar, flour, pastas, beans, nuts, etc, etc….

4. Pasta sauce or left over soup stores so nicely in a glass jar and freezes well for the future

5. Great use for birthday party giveaway-check out what I did for my son’s birthday in November here

6. How about a cool drinking glass-let the kids decorate their special one -or since you have the lid, this is a great way to take along a drink when you head out for the day.

7. I always have an old jar filled with treats for the dogs, too…..can’t leave them out!

8. Of course I always store my homemade soap nut liquid in a glass jar with lid.

9. Then there is the one that is probably in almost everyone’s home…..the change jar!

10. Finally, this is that time of year my son starts wanting to catch bugs in the yard and he always comes looking for a glass jar(just make sure you help them poke holes in the lid so the little “buggers” can breath)

Just remember, whether you choose to do one or several of these ideas, please always recycle the jars you don’t use again whenever possible!! Oh, and if there is some totally awesome idea that I haven’t thought of, please SHARE!!!


  1. Sage Rose says

    I use old jars when making herbal products (for home. when I first started my friends with babies would save jars for me, now i have too many.

    Your list is pretty awesome, now I’m intrigued about the homemade soap… never thought of using jars for that.

  2. www.letsbegreentogether.com says

    Thanks for the comment, Sage Rose! I love the idea of having smaller jars(such as baby food ones) for things like herbs and spices. If you have too many, maybe you know of a local elementary school or art teacher that might be able to use them. I just spoke to my son’s art teacher and it turns out she would love a bunch of stuff that happens to be in my recycle bin! Thanks again and I hope that you will check out the soap nuts. They truly are amazing!

  3. Cancerman says

    Thanks..,.good ideas….we usually use glass jars to do some planting before spring arrives

  4. How about as candle holders? Small ones could work well for votives… or for making your own. Love your list!


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