The Best Gift I Received for My Birthday

Woah. How the heck did it get to be December 5th so quickly? I’ll tell you how. I’m kind of recovering from National Blog Posting Month and haven’t written much more than a Facebook update or an Instagram post since the beginning of the month. I’m pretty sure I wrote more in the month of November than I’ve written the rest of 2016 combined, so when I crossed that finish line my fingers and brain needed a little rest. I loved the challenge, as well as reading and getting to know a few new bloggers a little bit, but some days were definitely harder than others to come up with something to write. It’s kind of like running that way, I guess. Not every single run is going to be good or easy, but you just need to push through and get it done. It’s been brought to my attention that I make a lot of running analogies, which makes me think I need to write more about that thing I love so much. I certainly talk about it a lot, but not everybody wants to hear me go on an on about how much I love running. I can tell because they’re eyes usually start to gloss over and they look like they’re a million miles away. I know the feeling because it’s pretty much what happens to me when someone goes on and on about politics. I mean, I’m kind of into politics, but my attention span is short and I’d rather be running.

gift idea for runners

Speaking of running, I have to show you the most perfect gift I received for my birthday last month. It was possibly the most thoughtful present I’ve ever been given because not only is it a piece of jewelry I’ll wear every day and treasure always, but it’s also a symbol of something that means so much to me. Okay, so listen. This runner necklace was something I’ve had on my Amazon Wish List for over a year, but I have several things on that list, so the fact my son chose this particular item because he knew how much I’d appreciate it means more to me than than words can say.  Or it’s just that I’m out of words for a while because I used up so many of them in November. Regardless, I love my necklace and I’ve never, ever taking it off. Now if you’ll excuse me I think I’ll go check to see if they have earrings to match.

*This post contains an affiliate link, which means if you buy the thing I linked to I’ll make a few pennies to help me toward purchasing those earrings I’m going to look for in a minute. 


  1. That was so, so sweet and observant of him! I love it, and am glad you had a happy birthday!

    I think NaBloPoMo did a number on all of us, but it definitely provided me with the tools I’ll need to try to focus and write a bit more.
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    I wish I have my childhood photo album I left in my hometown few years ago

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