If You Leave a Dog At Home Alone He Might Destroy All the Things

Since buying our house and moving to a new city we’ve been spending a lot of time at our local airport. It’s small and there’s a fair amount of activity, but it’s rare a jet lands in our non-major city. The main reason we visit the airport nearly every day is because Cody loves airplanes. He’s loved them ever since he was a toddler and every time he sees a plane land or takeoff his excitement is as if it’s the first time every time. So today we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and the knowledge that two large jets would be arriving and headed up for an afternoon of watching and waiting and waiting and watching. It ended up being a pretty darn amazing day at the airport, for reasons I will share tomorrow. OMG, I can’t wait to share what happened while we were there today.

Airplanes are a Good Distraction

So yeah, while I can’t wait to tell you all about our airport visit, I first need to tell you about what happened at home while we were up the road soaking in the sunshine and oohing over airplanes completely oblivious to what awaited us. We were gone for about five hours and we’ve come to learn that there are certain things we need to do to prepare for when we leave Socks alone, especially for any length of time, you know, like five minutes or more. Ever since our sweet girl Jenna died, Socks has not liked being left alone and he has showed us how he feels through his naughty behavior, which is why we make sure all food is out of reach, certain doors in the house are closed, and the cat’s food is removed from the floor. It’s really annoying, but we learned the hard way that it’s just what needs to be done.

I Think Too Much, Obviously

Today when we headed out I thought I had completed all of the necessary tasks to make sure Socks had nothing to destroy and we would return to our home in one piece. Apparently I was wrong, so very wrong. You see, we have an enclosed porch where Socks and Buddy both like to lay, especially on sunny days like today, so again I thought I was being nice when I left the door opened to the house to allow Socks a little basking while we were having an amazing time at the airport. Did I mention that the porch is also where we keep our bins for recycling? I’m guessing you can probably figure out where this is going. South. That’s where it’s going. All the way South to naughty town, where some dogs pretty much reside their entire lives. Socks could basically be the mayor if he wasn’t always busy trying to find his way into trouble.

Sometimes My Dog is an A**hole, But I Still Love Him Anyway

Needless to say, we arrived home today to a mess. The kind of mess where you think was there really that much stuff in those bins? From cardboard to more cardboard and a plastic milk jug he destroyed everything. By destroy I mean basically shredded. Like, if I didn’t know better I’d think he had a tool hidden somewhere to aid in his destruction. The porch floor was covered in his chewed up carnage and I might have yelled at him a little bit before sweeping up the mess and dumping it all back into the recycle bin. And then after I cleaned it all up I reprimanded him some more and he looked up at with this face and it was like he was begging me for forgiveness with his eyes. And so I forgave him, poured myself a glass of wine, and sat down at my keyboard to share my story, or cautionary tale if you will, with all of you.

Bad Dog

In a way I guess I should be grateful to Socks because I really wasn’t sure what I was going to write about today and he gave me exactly the material I needed because I’ll be darned if I’m going down on day four of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo).


  1. Oh, how adorable is Socks? We have an AmStaff puppy and have to make sure he’s created before we leave, or there is literally no telling what we will come home to. That, and he’s much bigger already than my two little females who are NOT down to play with him.

    I am so glad y’all got to have a good day at the airport. I live pretty close to a regional airport in the county, and we used to be able to see air show groups practice. That’s been quite a while, but it was fun while it lasted.

    Are you using CommentLuv to grab the latest post from a commenter? I have that installed on my blog, but for some reason it never works.
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    • Oh Socks IS so adorable, isn’t he? I guess that’s a good thing or else he’d be in so much more trouble. I’ve never heard of the AmStaff breed, but I looked it up and oh my goodness your puppy must be so cute!

  2. P.S. Never mind. I saw the CommentLuv button before it grabbed my link. I have no idea why it doesn’t work on my blog, but I’ll give it a whirl some other time.
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