5 Must-Have Summer Apps + A Family Cell Phone Contract

I recently made the decision to upgrade Nick to a smartphone. He’ll tell you he’s the last teenager on the planet to finally carry a device that comes with a data plan and I’ll tell you how I was lucky to have a quarter for a pay phone when I was his age. The times […]

Wordless Wednesday – Rockin’ Converse at the Prom

Teenagers, Wisdom Teeth Removal & A Funny YouTube Video

Last week in preparation for Nick’s appointment to have his wisdom teeth removed I did what any good and decent mother would do. I made a shopping list of soft foods, talked to him a little about what to expect, and re-watched one of my favorite YouTube videos off all time. If you’ve seen this […]

5 Things People Wonder About Wireless & Say Cheese Camera App

While I’m pretty pleased with my Samsung Galaxy S5 and all the wonderful ways it makes my life easier and more fun, I also love learning new little tips and tricks to make my smartphone a little bit smarter. I mean, we all basically know how to check the weather, send a tweet, or set […]

Spring Vacation

Today is the beginning of Spring vacation here in the Northeast and I’m not sure who is more excited about it, the kids or me. I mean, it’s not like we’re taking a fabulous trip somewhere warm, but we don’t have to set an alarm clock for an entire week so I’d say we have […]

Coffee Meets Bagel & Other Dating Apps for a Modern Single

It recently occurred to me that I don’t have a lot of pictures of Paul and I, especially from way back when we were first dating. That’s probably because way back then, more than twenty-five years ago, we would have needed to carry an actual real camera with us wherever we went and then wait […]

5 Things I’m Grateful for This Week

Is it just me or does this week feel like it’s lasting forever? It’s probably just me since mine started out a little rough with a fall in my driveway thanks to a hidden patch of ice. Then on Tuesday I received a crushing email that I sort of expected, but wasn’t really prepared for […]

World’s Easiest Chocolate Cake That’s Also a Little Healthy

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and while I don’t make a huge deal about it as a holiday I did make sure everyone in the family wore something green, I drank my morning coffee in my favorite Guinness mug.I made a super easy loaf of Irish Soda Bread, and I made sure there was pork […]

Stress Relief Tips for Teens & Why I Love RESCUE Pastilles

Stress. It’s one of those things we simply can’t avoid. Whether you’re a teenager trying to figure out where you fit in while balancing schoolwork and trying to please your parents or you’re a parent who is constantly worried about your kids, you could experience stress on any given day for many different reasons. Life […]

February is Heart Health Month & Benefits of Telemedicine

Did you know that February is American Heart Health Month? Did you also know that heart disease is the number killer among women? I think a lot of people are shocked when they hear that because most of us associate heart disease with men, but women are at high risk and need to take care […]