A Bittersweet Birthday

Earlier tonight I started to think about my birthday (tomorrow) and how I'm really not phased by the fact I'm turning 43 years old. It's really just a number and since I feel much younger most of the time I just don't think it's something to dwell … [Read More...]

Easy Pot Roast with Carrots & Onions {Recipe}

When it comes to preparing and serving dinner for my family this time of year I have exactly three priorities. They are to come up with something that is as simple as possible, ingredients that are mostly healthy, and a meal that everyone loves. … [Read More...]

Holiday Fitness Gift Guide & S Health App Review

Are you obsessed with health and fitness as much as I am? If so, you can probably also remember a time when the only way to keep track of our food consumption, exercise, and calories burned was to write them down on a piece of paper. I know I did and … [Read More...]

Wordless Wednesday – Ford Motor Company Living Roof

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Having a Brother with Autism – What I Wish for Cody & Nick

On an almost daily basis I think about my hopes and dreams for Cody and Nick. Not only the wishes I have for each of them individually, but also for their connection as brothers. I know it can be really difficult for Nick because Cody isn't … [Read More...]

Why I Never Wear the Color Red + A runDisney Tee Giveaway

As a redhead I sometimes get asked about what colors I wear (and don't wear) and for the most part I say I'm pretty much willing to try anything, even boldly wearing many pink pieces of clothing over the years against my mother's advice. She is a … [Read More...]

It’s a Happy Night in #PatsNation

The one thing I didn't want to do today is exactly the thing I'm doing right now. I'm up way past my bedtime to watch my New England Patriots play for the first time in three weeks (thankfully they won, which makes staying up so late totally worth … [Read More...]

Cleaning Out the Clutter & Saying Goodbye to Summer

Here I go again putting off writing for NaBloPoMo until the very last minute. You'd think I'd have learned by now to fit it in earlier in the day, but today was especially challenging since it's the weekend and everyone was at home together. I really … [Read More...]


If there's one thing I've learned in life it's that reaching goals requires a great deal of discipline and hard work. Whether it's working out to lose weight, training for a half marathon, or participating in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), … [Read More...]

4 Mood Boosters to Get Through a Gloomy Winter Day

I don't know about you, but this time of year is tough for me. Some days are fine, but others are just plain awful. The lack of sunshine and the increase in cold temperatures seem to team up as they attempt to knock me and my mood down for the count. … [Read More...]

Wordless Wednesday – Sittin’ with a Dog by the Bay

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