Unexpected Gratitude

A few weeks ago Paul and I went out together for a little shopping and lunch.  I remember it was raining a little bit so we rushed to the car quickly, but just as fast as Paul opened his door and climbed into the driver’s seat, he was getting back out of the car as he grumbled something under his breath. Apparently there was something tucked into one of our windshield wipers and we all know that often times it’s junk, or parking lot spam as I like to call it.  Most of the time it’s some useless flyer with an advertisement for a business that will end up in the trash or recycling bin.  This time, however, it was something very different.  It was a business card.  A special business card meant solely for Paul.  See, last year when we registered our car I finally agreed to request a Veteran license plate.  He’s always wanted one to display proudly that he served our country in the United States Navy.  I’m proud, too, but I just never saw a need to have it displayed on our vehicle. One of the reasons for that is because this is a vehicle we share and I just don’t feel right driving it with a plate that’s meant to honor my husband.

Veteran’s Day Gratitude

When Paul sat back into his seat in the car and read the card out loud, his grumble quickly gave way to appreciation as he beamed with pride that someone not only noticed and recognized his service on our license plate, but that they also took the time to tuck this tiny little token into his windshield wiper.

So I’d like to pay it forward and offer this card of gratitude virtually to all who have served, to those who still serve, and to the families who love them. All your sacrifices are appreciated today and every day.

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