Tips for a Greener and more Simple Bookshelf

Have you ever counted the days until a new book was to be released by your favorite author?  I haven’t, but there have definitely been some books that I just had to have.  What do you do with those books after you read them?  I know for me some have just ended up on my bookshelf collecting dust.  A few I have read a second time.  Some are books I like to have as references.  Many I will never read again.  So how can you create a greener bookshelf that isn’t overflowing with books that are simply taking up space?  I have a few ideas.  Some I have personally used and others I have heard about from friends online.

  • Check out books at the library – my library is free and as long as I remember to renew the book if I have haven’t finished it by the due date, I pay nothing.  Not book to clutter my shelves and no money spent.
  • Sell books on – They are an eBay owned company and I have had success with a few book sales.  What I like is that there isn’t an end date like on eBay, so the books pretty much list indefinitely until someone buys them.  I get an email notification, ship the book, and get paid.  One less dust collector on my bookshelf!
  • – I haven’t used this website, but I plan to look at it more closely.  It seems like a great way to not only clear out some of your own books, but also get some that you might be wanting to read at the same time. 
  • Donate books to a local Goodwill/thrift store – Let’s face it, some books are a dime a dozen and probably aren’t worth much if you do want to sell them online (or possibly at a yard sale), so why not just donate them for someone else to get a great deal!  It’s a tax write-off, too!
  • Trade off with a friend – If you know a friend enjoys reading the same author or books as you, offer to take turns buying them!  It’s like getting a two-for-one deal. (After you have both read the book, sell it on or donate it.)

Please don’t ever just throw books away.  They are filled with stories, learning, laughter, and so much more.  A book in the trash is just plain unnecessary and should be illegal, really. I guarantee you there is someone out there who would benefit from any one of the books you have on your bookshelf…….at least the ones you are willing to part with.  Now, go on and blow off the dust and get selling or swapping or something!

Do you have any other ideas for a greener bookshelf, simpler bookshelf?  I would love to hear what advice you have to offer!

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