Dear Nicholas,

Wow. Thirteen. As in thirteen years. Not weeks or months. Years. I remember when I recited your age according to weeks or months, but that seems so long ago. I don’t think I realized how truly fast time flies until I had kids. It’s so true what everyone says about enjoying every minute when your children are little because it goes by too fast and that’s definitely the case with you. I miss the days of you being attached to my side where I could always be certain you were safe and protected from the realities of the world. Things like bullies and death weren’t anything I ever even thought of for you back then. I miss that little boy with the white blond hair and watching as you met every milestone from crawling to walking and the loss of your first tooth. This milestone though, this one where you become a teenager, was so far into the future that I never thought much about it. This is when you’re closer to being an adult than to when you were a baby, this is when I can’t always protect you from that outside world that can be downright cruel and unaccepting, so I try like crazy to make sure you know I’m proud of you, that you can be and do whatever you want to, regardless of what anyone says. Most importantly, I hope I’m doing a good job at teaching you how to be compassionate, respectful, and caring of others. These are the most admirable traits, but often so hard to find, especially in kids of your age. Every time you show kindness to someone else or say thank you, my heart smiles. I’m truly honored and lucky to be your Mom. You make me laugh, your pain has made me cry, and your adolescent attitude has made me angry, but no matter what, I love you with every bit of my heart.

Happy Birthday kiddo!




  1. It does go by so quickly! Enjoy being the mom of a new teenager!
    Robyn Wright of recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

    • Thank you Robyn!! I look forward to the fun of being the Mom of another teenager, but it probably means I’ll need to stock up on more wine.

  2. It was great sharing your birthday with you and your family! It makes me feel so special that you wanted to come here to Aunt Cheryle’s to celebrate this milestone. It does stink that weather wouldn’t cooperate so we could have a campfire and cook smores:( We did get to go out to eat and come home and eat ice cream cake, whoopie pies (thanks to your mom!) and watch your movie. You are very special to me and your mom has done an awesome job raising you to be a kind and compassionate young man. Oh my! Did I just say young man! Thank you for sharing this milestone with us!!:) Love you, Aunt Cheryle

    • I can’t imagine a better place to spend Nick’s birthday or better people to spend it with. Thank you so much for making it especially wonderful!

  3. Thanks for making my cry Cathy! Thanks for sharing such an intimate letter to your beautiful 13 year old. He’s lucky to have you for a mom. Happy Birthday Nicholas!
    Lori Popkewitz Alper recently posted..8 Tips for Choosing Healthy Dog FoodMy Profile

    • Sorry Lori. Maybe I should have provided tissues with that post. Thank for the very sweet comment and for the birthday wish to Nicholas. I am the lucky one, though, to be his Mom.

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