Teachers and Coaches & Impacting Students’ Lives

Track & Field certificate

I’ve already talked about how thrilled I was that Nick decided to join the high school track team this past spring, but it turns out I left out one of the most important reasons.

I can still remember a few of my own high school experiences, both good and bad, and some of them involved really horrible teachers and some involved wonderful teaches and coaches. Both can have a huge impact on a student and/or athlete, which is why I need to express how grateful I am that Nick had such a devoted and invested coach, who also happened to be one of his teachers. This winning combination is more special and rare than you might think, but I have no doubt that Nick will always remember Mr. N long after he finishes high school. I’m confident of this because I have personally been out of high school for more than 20 years and I can still remember a special coach and teacher who pushed me, supported me, and was often tough on me. Now that I’m an older adult and much, much wiser than I was in high school I realize she did all of those things because she cared about me and believed in me and not because she was being mean (even though I was certain of it at the time).

Track and Field Hurdles

Teachers and Coaches Impacting the Lives of Students

At the end of the school year we attended Nick’s track banquet where he received the certificate in the photo above and while that certificate looks just like everyone else’s on the track team, it came with a very personalized sentiment from his coach. Here’s the thing. It’s pretty easy to hand out awards one-by-one when you have a large team of athletes, but it’s another to share a memory about each of them after you shake their hand and give them that piece of paper, which is exactly what Nick’s coach did. Personally, I loved hearing stories about everyone on the team, but of course I especially enjoyed hearing the one about Nick. It included that he was a hard-working athlete and that he ran a pretty fast 400 meter run the first time he ever did it in a meet, but the one thing that stuck with Nick (I know because he mentioned it again about a week ago.) was that Mr. N shared that he left everything on the track. As his parent I witnessed that very fact and often praised him for it, but I can recognize how much more meaningful and confidence-building it is to hear that kind of compliment from someone you respect and admire than just your Mom.

I’m super grateful to Nick’s coach for taking his role as a coach and teacher seriously because it’s that kind of positive impact that all kids need and crave, but often never receive. Thank you Mr. N!

Do you have a special memory about a coach or teacher from your past or of one who has made a difference in your child’s life?


  1. It’s amazing what a difference a teacher or a coach can have in a child’s life. I remember one specific teacher that completely changed the path my life was going and I hope my kids have teachers and coaches in their life that care about them that much as well!
    Jeannette recently posted..Last Minute Recipes & Ideas for Your 4th of July CelebrationMy Profile

    • Wow, I love hearing that Jeannette. It’s amazing what an impact teachers can have a child’s life, both negative and positive.

  2. My biggest influence was my debate coach, taking classes in public speaking has helped me immensely in life and he was the one to introduce me to it. I’m glad your son is having such a great experience.
    Sara recently posted..Frozen Themed Birthday PartyMy Profile

  3. My biggest influence was my high school drama teacher.
    She taught me to believe in myself and to dream big.
    (she’s in my friends list in Facebook so she got a chance to see me “all grown up”)
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  4. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    I love to hear stories about teachers and coaches having a positive impact on our kids lives.

  5. Teachers and Coaches should be great examples and influences but I haven’t had any in my life, or my kiddos. Maybe one day!
    Jeanine recently posted..Celebrate Summer’s Arrival With a Family Ice Cream Bar!My Profile

    • I’m so sorry to hear that, Jeanine. There are definitely some crappy teachers in the world, but I truly hope it happens for your kiddos.

  6. It so wonderful to hear this kind of story. I love when teachers and coaches have a positive effect.
    becca recently posted..No Bake Patriotic Cake #RecipeMy Profile

    • Me too, Becca! The impact a teacher/coach can have on a student can literally be life-changing, but I think some of them either don’t care or don’t realize how much the things they say/do can affect a child for a very long time.

  7. There are so very good teachers and coaches out there today! Some of whom I will always be grateful of. I’ll be meeting some new ones in this next chapter in my life with raising my grandson and he starting Kindergarten.
    Kim Croisant recently posted..Coconut – Mango Healthy Smoothie (dairy-free)My Profile

    • Oh Kim, your grandson sounds like a lucky little guy to have YOU in his life, but I hope he finds many teachers who leaving a positive mark on his life.

  8. This is good to hear about the positive impact teachers/coaches can have on children. Its very valuable and this kind of impact can be held onto for a lifetime for positive influence!
    Kiwi recently posted..Weekend Getaway with Palm Breeze #VacayEveryDayMy Profile

  9. Wow I love when teachers and coaches build great relationships with their students. They make such a difference!

  10. My choir teacher was always encouraging us to keep trying and reaching for our goals
    Ashley @irishred02 recently posted..Make Everyday Adventures Extraordinary with Poppy Cat!My Profile

  11. My parents are both retired teachers. Seeing their career and how invested they were as teachers makes me proud of them!
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  12. No one really knows just how much teachers influence or lives and the lives of our children. They help shape who we are. I for one think that it is critical to have teachers who are both supportive and motivated.
    Felissa @ Two Little Cavaliers recently posted..Davinia and Indiana Help The Garden Grow #BarkBoxDayMy Profile

  13. Kids really do need and crave that positive impact. Unfortunately like you also mentioned it is not easy to come by. That makes it even more special when you do.

  14. That is awesome! Great job, what a huge achievement! I think this is a great way to encourage children!
    Mama to 5 BLessings recently posted..How To Store Pool Toys When Not In UseMy Profile

  15. My son’s 2nd grade teach was amazing and had such positive impact on him. It’s hard to come by great teachers like that!
    Dawn Nieves recently posted..The Longest Ride Date Night Tips and MoreMy Profile

  16. I had so many great teachers in high school. They really do impact lives.
    Heather D. (@GirlGoneMom) recently posted..New film Paper Towns {Giveaway}My Profile

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