I’m a Numbers Girl

Ever since we bought that romantic treadmill back on Valentine’s Day, I’ve been focused on making it a priority on nearly every day of the week. I’m a numbers person. I like having something to measure when it comes to following my progress and seeing results. For me, that means the number on the scale […]

In Defense of Water

Am I really that abnormal to prefer water over any other beverage? Okay, fine, let me clarify.  I love coffee and wine, too, but throughout the day, it’s water, pure and simple.  I don’t drink soda or juice.  I don’t like them and my body doesn’t need them.  I know, I know. My body doesn’t […]

A Shocking New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight

When I first started this blog my main goal was to share my knowledge about living a greener lifestyle. Obvious by the name, I know, but still. So, now I am realizing there is so much I want to write about and share when it comes to my family and the day to day adventures […]