My Green BlogHer

When I am at home in my own environment it is really easy to live my green habits.  They are simply part of my everyday routine.  When I leave home for a few hours or overnight I have to plan a little more ahead to maintain the level of eco-friendly that I am able to […]

In Defense of Water

Am I really that abnormal to prefer water over any other beverage? Okay, fine, let me clarify.  I love coffee and wine, too, but throughout the day, it’s water, pure and simple.  I don’t drink soda or juice.  I don’t like them and my body doesn’t need them.  I know, I know. My body doesn’t […]

It Goes Way Beyond Earth Day!!

I have to be honest! I really don’t get into the whole excitement and hype of Earth Day! I feel it is more about changing your lifestyle and not just about one day. I think that one particular day is a great place to start, but it is more about the lasting changes that will […]