These are a few of my favorite green brands

I was trying to think of some year-end posts that I’d like to write, but honestly I’ve been enjoying the lazy time of Christmas vacation with my kids and I’ve barely touched my computer.  There are some things that I have to share with you, though.  Today I want to start with a few of my […]

A Focus on the Positive

Yesterday was a stressful and challenging day where so much hit me at once regarding my upcoming trip to BlogHer in New York City. I am super excited to attend my first conference, but yesterday my focus was on the negatives.  There was a part of me that wondered what I was thinking when I jumped on […]

When Sipping Wine Leads to Sowing a (Seed)

Do you suppose it’s bad that I love how a company managed to connect wine with an idea for a line of healthy body care products? No?  Well, me either! In fact, I call it genius! That is exactly what the folks at Seed did when they wanted to created a line of products that would have […]