P&G brandSAVER Coupon book to benefit Special Olympics

I’ve shared before that Cody is a Special Olympian. If you have the opportunity to attend a Special Olympics for any sport at least once in your lifetime, I promise it will change you. As a matter of fact, I think it would have a much bigger impact if you take your own children as well. While it’s […]

Juice in the City Halloween Contest

Over the years I’ve taken lots of photos of my kids. I especially loved to snap pictures of them in their Halloween costumes every October. From the time they were both dalmatians to the time they went as Frankenstein and Darth Vader, I love to look back at those photos and think about  the memories they bring to […]

Facebook and kids

This post has been on my mind for a long while now. I was one of those parents who allowed my child to have a Facebook account before the legal age. He expressed that all of his friends had accounts and that he just had to have one, too, but that wasn’t the reason I […]