Juice in the City Halloween Contest

Over the years I’ve taken lots of photos of my kids. I especially loved to snap pictures of them in their Halloween costumes every October. From the time they were both dalmatians to the time they went as Frankenstein and Darth Vader, I love to look back at those photos and think about  the memories they bring to mind. Besides having two sons I also have two dogs. While I’ve taken plenty of photos of both of them, I’ve never dressed either of them up for Halloween, or any other time of year for that matter. I often giggle and shake my head at those people, but I’ll admit, it’s usually cute to see a little canine sporting a fun costume. I have to say, if I did dress up my dogs in costumes, I certainly would have photographed them with the kids and I most definitely would be sharing it in this fun contest that Juice in the City Boston is hosting on their Facebook page.

Okay, I have a feeling that many people out there do dress up their kids and their pets and take way too many pictures of the event and maybe you’re one of those people and I promise I’m not laughing at you. Instead, I urge you to rush on over to the Juice in the City Boston Facebook page and enter their contest. Why rush, you ask? Because the contest ends on Thursday evening, October 27th, that’s why. Now go on, pull out some old photos or take a few now and get them entered into a fun contest! Go I said. Go!

Disclosure: I am being compensated for sharing this contest with you, but it’s a fun contest and I’d totally enter it if I could.

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