3 Connected Devices to Protect Your Home When You’re Away on Summer Vacation

We recently moved, not only to a house from an apartment, but also to a whole new city. For the most part it was a really good decision for us and while I’m pretty familiar with the city we now live in because my husband and I lived here several years ago, there are also some unknowns. We generally live in a safe area, but I still prefer to lock the doors to both our vehicles and our house, even during the day. It makes me feel more comfortable and puts my mind at ease.

How Often Do Home Burglaries Occur?

Unfortunately, according to the FBI, homes are burglarized an average of every 20 seconds in the United States and that number actually increases during the summer months, which is partially due to it being a time of year when many families go away on a vacation. This is a little startling, wouldn’t you agree? I don’t know about you, but I love to travel and I’d be devastated to find out my home was broken into while we were away. Mostly we just put a hold on our mail and let neighbors know we’ll be out of town, but I think we’ll have to consider some different options in the future.

Home Safety Tips When Traveling

Thankfully there are many ways for homeowners to monitor their home and manage the various functions of connected devices using smartphones, like my Samsung Galaxy S7, so they can know their home is secure as they relax on a well-deserved summer vacation. From adjusting lights to controlling a home security system, many homeowners are already utilizing technology to ensure their property is protected no matter how far away from home they might be.

Home Security Devices You Can Control From Your Smartphone

  •  Nest Cam Indoor is a 24/7 live streaming camera that travelers can access from their smartphone to see exactly what is going on in their home while they’re away. It can also send you instant notifications whenever movement or sound is detected, offering a little added peace of mind.
  • Have you ever left home, driven down the road, and couldn’t remember if you closed the garage door or not? Even worse, have you been sitting 100 miles away at an airport waiting for a flight and worried the same thing? If so, MyQ Garage Door Opener might be the lifesaver you’ve been looking for. Not only will it send you a notification if you forgot to close the door, but you can remotely access the controls via your smartphone or tablet without having to go all the way back home. Seriously, how did we ever get by before such amazing technology was invented? 
  • The Ring™ Video Doorbell has to be one of the coolest devices on this list. Not only does it allow you to respond to somebody at your door, but you don’t even have to be home to do so. Another fun feature of the Ring Video Doorbell is that you can also see the person you’re talking to, which means you’ll be able to look for any packages you might be expecting to arrive when you’re not at home. It also has a motion sensor and will automatically turn on a night vision camera and send you an alert when movement is detected outside your home. 

Are you planning a summer vacation? If so, please tell me where you’re going so I can live vicariously through you since I’ll pretty much be staying home this year. I promise I’ll try not to be too jealous.

I’m a compensated member of the U.S. Cellular Blogger Brigade, but I love technology and gadgets, especially ones like these ones that can help keep you and your family safe. 


  1. We installed NEST recently and I really like it. I can check up on the house no matter where I am. Connected homes are pretty awesome.

  2. I can see one of those Ring Video Doorbells being good for our home. It’s nice to have that extra layer of security.

  3. Wow! I love that there are so many options to control your home security from your smartphone. I think that provides a lot of peace of mind.

    • Me too, Traci. Not that I want to be looking at my phone all the time when I’m away, but getting those alerts would be super helpful!

  4. Dawn Nieves says

    I have a Ring doorbell and I love it! I really want to get a Nest too. I’ve heard great things anout it!

  5. Wow these sound great! Since my family and I are getting ready to move, I’ve really been thinking about different types of security systems. Being able to get alerts, even when you’re away from home, would definitely give me a peace of mind. I get so paranoid sometimes!
    Bree recently posted..Six Free Father’s Day Coloring Pages (Makes A Great Card)My Profile

  6. We have a security device that we control from our phone, and I can’t ever imagine being without it now. It gives me real peace of mind when I’m not at home 🙂

    Louise x
    Louise recently posted..My Morning Skincare RoutineMy Profile

  7. We have a home security system with Slomins, it lets us control features via mobile and its really convenient. This summer we are planning on visiting Toronto and Miami.

    • I’m so glad you have a system in place. It must offer you some peace of mind when traveling. Ooh, I’ve been to neither Miami or Toronto, but I’ve always especially wanted to visit Canada. Have wonderful adventures!

  8. I have my doorbell connected to my cell phone, but I’ve been wanting to get a camera app too. Though this app sounds pretty amazing!

    • Ooh, I like the idea of a doorbell cell phone connection. We have a doorbell button, but it doesn’t work. I might have to add that our long list of things to fix.

  9. Yikes! We don’t set our alarm when we go on vacation. We seriously need to rethink that. Thanks for all those helpful tips!
    Kristin recently posted..Our Number One Summer Style Must HaveMy Profile

  10. I really need to look into all of this. I know my husband is always very worried and I think this could really bring him piece of mind.

  11. We’re working on creating more of a smart device home so we can control stuff while away. It’s so convenient and nerve-calming.
    Jennifer recently posted..Why I’m debating whether I should also homeschool my sonMy Profile

  12. This is all great information! We actually added a security system to our home last year and it is such a peace of mind when we leave. I love our door bell camera, really handy.

  13. This is great for any time one is away. You just have to keep protected and there are sinister people out there in this crazy world. Thanks for the insights on this system.

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