Social Good with Oxfam USA – World Food Day is October 16

For quite some time I’ve wanted to do something more with my blog, something good. I’ve wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself and make a difference in the lives of others, while hopefully leaving a lasting impression. I’ve recently begun finding some ways to support other bloggers that I admire and their social good work and one that I’m most excited about is being a member of the Global Team of 200. The Global Team of 200 is an extension of Mom Bloggers for Social Good founded by the incredible Jennifer James. I’m so honored to be a part of this amazing group of bloggers and I simply can’t wait to see what our collective voices can accomplish in the future.

Global Team of 200 is a highly specialized group of members of Mom Bloggers for Social Good that concentrates on issues involving women and girls, children, world hunger and maternal health.

The first project I’d like to share with you is from Oxfam America. World Food Day is on October 16 and Oxfam America would like us to spread the word about a set of principles they believe will help improve our global food system through everyday choices. Their program is called the GROW Method and includes five ways we can all make an impact on our food system and improving it.

A few facts on the deep imbalances in our food system:

•    Our planet produces enough food for everyone, yet nearly one billion of us (1 in every 7 people) still go to bed hungry.

•    About a third of the food produced for our plates ends up lost or wasted between farm and fork.

•    One pound of ground beef for your family uses more than 28,000 cups of water to produce—that’s enough to fill 20 bathtubs to the brim, and then some!

I realize that’s a lot to absorb, but I also feel that it’s important to realize the impact our actions have on our food system and the future of our country and the rest of the world. I’m not asking everyone to immediately change the way they eat entirely (well, maybe a little part of me hopes for that), but if we all consider just one of the GROW Method principles and decide to take one action together then I truly believe we can improve our food system. No human being should ever go to bed hungry, yet 1 in every 7 people does every night. It simply breaks my heart to imagine a child not having enough food in their belly, especially when we are producing plenty of food to feed the entire world. Let’s all take action together. There are many ways to do so and here are a few I’d love for you to consider:

Disclosure: As part of my commitment as a Global Team of 200 Member, I will be sharing various projects with you in the future. All thoughts and opinions are always my own.



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