Sinful Bliss Cupcakes – A super sweet deal from Juice in the City

One thing I’ve come to appreciate more and more since I began blogging is small businesses and the owners behind them. I’ve been fortunate to meet some pretty amazing people and what truly makes it more special is when I hear their personal story, what inspired or motivated them to take the leap of becoming a business owner. Some might be funny or sad or inspiring, but usually they bring a whole new level of knowing for me and I feel a connection when I buy, use, or eat their product. This is the case with the owner behind Sinful Bliss Cupcakes, Tammie Parnell! Hers is a story of cancer and not only a lay-off from for job, but one for her husband as well. Those are life events that any professional with a psychology degree will tell you are at the top of the list when it comes to stress. While we all handle stress differently, Tammie chose to look inside herself and focus on what made her truly happy and would bring her the most joy. She found those things to be people, creativity, and planning parties. What better way to combine all of these than with cupcakes? Right?! I mean who doesn’t love a good cupcake? With her care to detail and creativity, her hope is that her cupcakes will be shared for special occasions or just for no reason at all other than to simply enjoy the everyday.

I’m excited to share a wonderful deal being offered this weekend from Juice in the City for Sinful Bliss Cupcakes. For only 1o dollars you can get 20 dollars worth of cupcakes! If you aren’t convinced this is a great deal you must be crazy, then take a minute to browse the sinful flavors they offer. I’m pretty sure you’ll be sold with just one glance at all the scrumptious looking choices. If, sadly, you don’t live locally to this fabulous little bakery, then my gosh at least be thoughtful and share it with any friends you might have who do live nearby. I mean, what kind of friend would you be if you withheld this kind of information?

Disclosure: I’m being compensated by Juice in the City to share this yummy deal with you, but the thoughts are my own.

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