School’s No Cell Phone Policy Doesn’t Pertain to Teachers, Apparently

A few weeks ago, Nick and I were driving in the car just having a casual conversation about how glad he was that his first year of middle school was behind him (admittedly, I was really glad, too) and how excited he was for seventh grade.  Yes, I said excited.  This is a child who had a tough year in sixth grade, from the workload to a couple of challenging teachers, causing him beg ask to be home schooled on a nearly daily basis.  He stuck it out, though, and I was very proud of him and he now as a renewed excitement for school.  Well, excitement is probably a little too ambitious a word on my part.  He’s not-hating-the-idea-of-school so much going into his seventh grade year. 
So, during that car ride we discussed the struggles in school that he faced and the teachers.  He casually mentions that oh, yeah, Mr. D answered his cell phone whenever it rang during class.  Screech!  Slam the brakes.  Hit the stop sign!  Okay, it didn’t really go like that, but that’s what I was thinking.  Mr. D?  The one who rarely returned my emails or voicemail messages?  Was taking calls in school?  During class time?  WTF!
My son’s school has a strict policy on cell phone use.  They must be put into the students’ lockers at the beginning of the day and will be confiscated if this rule isn’t followed.  This is a good rule that I support completely.  There is absolutely no need for kids to have cell phones during school hours.  I mean, we all survived just fine, right?  Did I really just write that? I feel like such a parent!
Okay, so you know I just had to probe a bit, while trying not to be too obvious with Nick. 
Me: Would you say he took calls on his cell phone every day?
Nick: I don’t remember, but whenever it rang, he answered it.
Me: Wait, whenever it rang? As in, he didn’t have the phone on vibrate, it rang and disrupted class? 
This just gets better by the minute!
Nick: (he got on a roll) – He would be teaching class and answer the phone and step out in the hall to talk.
Are you kidding me right now?  I was seriously starting to get angry.  Now, he is stepping away from his job to take a phone call?  Mind you, just like in the olden days (you know, in the 80’s?) of when I went to school, the classrooms still have telephones in them, regular corded phones.  Barring an ongoing family emergency or crisis, there’s no excuse for taking cell phone calls and no reason for a teacher’s cell phone to ring during classroom instruction time.
Simply unacceptable.  Great example for the students.  Do what I say, not what I do!
Needless to say, I’m pissed not impressed and I wonder just how much this goes on in our children’s classrooms.

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