Project Mom Casting – What’s my Story?

I believe we all have a story, a true purpose in life.  When I started this blog, I really wasn’t sure what mine was.  Originally, I wanted to be a green resource for others, but I just wasn’t feeling as fulfilled as I needed.  For me living a green and non-toxic lifestyle also means a healthy one, with a healthy diet and fitness routine.  
I truly believe I am here to motivate others to make healthy changes in their lives.  I may do it in a way that doesn’t work for some people.  If what you are eating is crap, I am going to tell you it’s crap.  If I think you are making excuses, I am going to tell you that’s what I think.  I am tired of the excuses being made when it comes to eating healthier and finding time to exercise.  Do you need to find time to shower? 
You get to answer yes to that if you have an infant or really small children at your heels all the time.  Then, yes, a shower is hard to come by, at least a shower in private.  Do you say, “boy I wish I had the time to brush my teeth today because I’d really work that toothbrush if I did?”  No?  I think you get my point.  I’ll bet we can agree there is always time to stuff something down your throat to eat.  Most of the time, this ends up being junk or worse, something that comes to you through a drive up window. 
Are you mad at me yet?  Good!  That’s the point.  I am fine with getting everyone mad at me if they are getting healthy and exercising.  I am really fine with it if you are also getting your kids healthy and feeding their bodies and minds with fuel rather than crap.  If just one person comes to me one day and says I made them think about what they were doing and what they were eating and it then caused them to make healthy changes, I will know I was right about my purpose for being here.  Wait, that’s not true.  I don’t need anyone to come to me, I know for a fact this is my purpose because it feels right and true and without compromise.
I would absolutely love the opportunity to take part in Project Mom Casting.  I am sure there are plenty of nice and sweet women out there who will be happy to encourage through positive words and patting on the head, which means I will balance them out rather nicely.

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