Proactive ways to Stay Healthy during Cold/Flu Season!

I’ll be blunt! I am sick of hearing about flu shots and H1N1 shots and that to stay healthy we SHOULD have one or both of these shots. Although it may seem preventative to some, I think it is an easy way out! Now, before you all get your panties in a bunch, I will say that there are some people who would probably benefit. People with asthma, especially children, and some in the elderly population. Here is a crazy idea: feed our families a healthy(organic if possible) diet, build strong immune systems, maybe take a supplement or two, and wash your hands! I know I am probably reaching a bit, but how hard can it be?

My family is mostly vegetarian(although my husband goes through serious red meat withdrawals).

A plant based diet is so great for our health and our immune systems. Our bodies have to work so much harder to break down meats(especially red ones) than they do for vegetables. Important energy needed for healthy bodies and healthy, hard-fighting immune systems.

A “green” juice made with ingredients like cucumbers, celery and kale is a super way to give your body a healthy boost.

The only beverage you will find in our fridge other than water is milk. That is it! No juices or sodas…our bodies do NOT need them! (Okay, fine there is wine in my fridge, too, so there!)

My family takes a Vitamin D supplement and a fish oil supplement every day. Turns out that Vitamin D is a HUGE benefit to our immune systems and especially where I live in the Northeast, we just can’t get enough from the sun during the winter months.

Wash your freakin‘ hands! This is one that I promote and practice a LOT in my home. I actually discourage my kids from using the awful alcohol based hand sanitizers at school. I have a few pursed sized hand sanitizers from Clean Well. They are mostly plant based, better for our health, and don’t leave our hands horribly dry because there is NO alcohol in them.

A decent night of sleep. Sleep is so important for good health, but that is a no-brainer, right?

Another big one for me is to change the hand towel in our bathroom at the end of each day. Just a preventative way of keeping the germs at bay. When someone is sick(which rarely happens here), try assigning a different towel to them in the bathroom so no one else is exposed to their germs(at least not their towel germs).

Eucalyptus Oil is the best! It is a great disinfectant! I keep a spray bottle with water and a few drops of the oil. I spray daily to freshen the air in our home. I also spray everyone’s bedding, including pillows. Even the doggies get their beds sprayed!

All in all, there are many ways to strengthen our immune systems and feed our bodies the right foods to stay healthy!


  1. Rock on Cathy!! I totally agree!

  2. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I try to keep myself and my family healthy in many ways– which includes both eating healthy, exercise, sleep, etc, AND also getting flu shots. I don't view the shots as an "easy way out" since they only protect against a few of the many diseases and colds and viruses,etc, that we can come down with.

  3. Small Footprints says

    I agree! Love the hint about Eucalyptus oil and spraying it … everywhere. An added benefit is that if one suffers from allergies or does get a cold, it helps keep those nasal and sinus passages clear.

    Wonderful post! Thanks!

    Small Footprints

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