Preparing for a Family Vacation is Exhausting

Preparing for a Family Vacation

I’m tired. I know I shouldn’t be whining and complaining since the reason I’m tired is because I’ve been preparing my family to leave on a vacation tomorrow. Really, though, why is this do darn exhausting? The packing and the planning, and in our case making sure our home is clean so the person coming to stay with our dogs doesn’t think we’re total slobs. Honestly, it makes me feel even more tired just thinking about my to-do list, and most of these things have already been crossed off and completed.

  • Laundry. Lots of laundry. Not as much laundry as when we return from vacation, but it still seems like a lot.
  • Put our mail on hold. I just figure it’s much easier than asking our dog sitter to bring it in every day. She has enough to worry about, especially since our dear girl Jenna is now 17 years old and has some “special” needs.
  • Pay the Coinstar machine at my grocery store a little visit. Are you familiar with Coinstar? You just dump in your change and cash it in for money (there’s a fee for this option) or choose from one of the many no-fee eCertificates and receive a voucher. I chose this option because one of the choices was Starbucks and I know we’ll be enjoying our share of coffee while on vacation, so it was basically a no-brainer.
  • Pack suitcases. I do most of the packing and while I’ve pretty good at the rolling thing, I often end up packing way too many clothes because by the time I actually pack my suitcase my brain is too tired to think about what I’ll be wearing every day. I suppose it’s good to have plenty of choices, right?
  • Online flight check-in. Seriously, what did we do before we had this option? Oh wait, I know. We waited in ridiculously long lines at the airport, but not anymore. Actually, the biggest reason I set a reminder for exactly 24 hours prior to our flight time is because we often fly with Southwest and they have that weird group boarding system and I want to get as good a number as possible, ideally in group A. Paul’s not crazy about their boarding process, but for the cost savings, I find it well worth the extra hassle.

Oh there’s one more important little item I forgot to mention. Go to bed. Because I’m tired. I know, I mentioned whined about that already. Seriously though, I’m really going to enjoy climbing into my cozy bed tonight. I’m especially going to enjoy waking up in my bed tomorrow morning knowing we’re heading to where it’s sunny and warm and the streets are lined with palm trees.

Good night. Sleep well people of the internet.


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