Organic, Fair Trade, Superb Customer Service

I just can’t let my recent interaction with a company go unwritten about! That company is Equal Exchange and if you don’t already drink their coffee, you should.  I drink lots and lots of it and mostly because they offer fair trade and organic coffee, but also many other products as well, such as cocoa and chocolate!! So recently I bought my usual bag and got about half through it and something just didn’t smell or taste right about it. I took a few minutes and wrote an email to the company on a Tuesday morning and within only two hours I had a response from Sharyn in Customer Service. She requested specifics about the bag of coffee that I bought and apologized. She also said she would send me a replacement bag at no charge. Wow! I was so pleased at this outcome and so happy to be expecting a package in the mail! Okay, here is the crazy and amazing part…..the very following day the big brown delivery truck pulled up to the front of my house and the driver handed me a box. I was puzzled and looked at the address. It was from Equal Exchange! What amazing customer service! I practically sprinted into the house and started a pot of coffee.  Within less than 48 hours from my initial email I was sipping my favorite coffee! Equal Exchange is truly a wonderful company and I recommend to everyone to try. Not only do they care about the farmers they work with and the environment that we live in, but obviously customer service is of the highest priority!


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