November NaBloPoMo – This Year I’m Crossing the Finish Line

November is such a weird month for me. It’s usually the start of colder, sweater-wearing weather here in the Northeast, it’s the month of Cody’s and my birthday, it’s the month my Dad died, and it’s the month of one of my favorite food holidays. Seemingly so many topics and feelings to write about yet I have never been able to complete BlogHer’s National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), which requires a blog post every single day in the month of November. I mean, it isn’t like I’ve attempted it that many times, but I still get very frustrated with myself because I’m a firm believer in finishing what you start.  In the past I went into the month of November feeling eager and motivated, but then always seemed to fizzle out as the days wore on. It’s easily one of the toughest personal challenges I’ve ever given myself. As a matter of fact I’d go so far as to say it’s a tougher challenge than running a half marathon, which I did earlier this year. It turns out I can push through physical pain much better than I can push through writer’s block. This year, though, this year I hope to change that. My goal is to not only start this November race strong, but I also want to finish strong. Oh heck who am I trying to kid, I just want to cross the finish line. I want to feel that sense of accomplishment that comes from setting my sights on something that has eluded me in the past and achieving it with a huge sense of pride. If for not other reason than to show my kids I practice what I preach.

So here goes nothing. I’m in, I’m going for it. I’m going to log into this little dashboard of mine and post something every single day this month. Now who’s willing to wait for me at the finish line and place a shiny medal around my neck?


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