5 Brilliant Tips for Taking a Perfect Selfie & Happy National Selfie Day

Have I ever told you how much I love taking selfies? If we follow each other on Instagram then you probably know that I do, but if not let me tell you right now that I love them a whole bunch. I like taking them when I’m running, I like taking them with my pets, and I especially love taking selfies with friends and family. Some people don’t like to be in photos, but I’m basically the opposite. As a matter of fact I rarely use filters because if we ever meet in person I’d actually like you to recognize me, my flaws and all. Plus, I have no shame in my selfie game. Whether I’m dressed up for a special event or sweating after a run I never hesitate when it comes to snapping a photo and then sharing it for the entire world to see. I love to see everyone else’s selfies and I love posting my own and that’s all there is to it. To me it’s a sign we’re all here, living life, and documenting the moments. They might not always be pretty, but you know what? That’s okay because life isn’t pretty sometimes and I believe there’s something quite brave and amazing about sharing the not-so-pretty moments with the world, so here’s to everyone who dares to post a selfie without adding one single filter, which are always my favorite ones to see.

How to Take a Perfect Selfie Every Time

When is National Selfie Day?

Now even though I’ve got a ton of selfies on my phone I have to admit I’m not necessarily the most skilled when it comes to taking photos. Fortunately I’ve got pretty much the best camera in the whole wide world built into my Samsung Galaxy S8, which makes it a little easier to take gorgeous pictures, but there are times when I wish I didn’t need to snap five selfies in order to get one worthy of posting on social media. If you sometimes feel the same way as I do then you’re in luck because my friends at U.S. Cellular have some helpful selfie-taking tips and the best part is they are just in time for National Selfie Day, which is June 21st. Okay, I know, there’s a ‘national day’ for everything, but I think we can agree this is one we can all get behind. Am I right? So get ready because I’m about to help you become a pro at taking selfies on June 21st and every day of year because I love you and I especially love your selfies!

Tips for Taking the Perfect Selfie

I think that just like with anything in life taking a perfect selfie comes from lots and lots of practice, which is why I take so many of them. Well that and because it’s fun. I mean, what’s the point of carrying around a smartphone with an amazing camera if you aren’t going to snap lots and lots of photos, especially selfies? Okay, but seriously though, I promised you actual tips and tricks for taking better selfies and I don’t break promises so here you go…..

  1. A smartphone with a front-facing camera is probably the most important necessity if you want to take great selfies. Even better is if you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 like I do because it has Smart Auto Focus to make sure everyone’s face in the selfie is clear before you snap your photo.
  2. Lighting. Lighting is key to taking a share-worthy selfie, but did you know there is actually a perfect time of day when natural lighting is simply perfect? I didn’t, but you can bet from now I’ll be taking most of my selfies during the golden hour before sunset because that is prime time for a getting a perfectly lighted shot. For all other times of the day avoid fluorescent light and opt for natural indirect light that is coming from behind whenever possible. You’ll look much better in the photo, pinky swear.
  3. Angles matter. Okay this is one that I definitely don’t have a good grasp of yet, but the pro selfie-takers will tell you that tilting your device or leaning your head to one side or the other will give you a much more flattering selfie than one taken straight on. Basically you need to play around with your phone and like I mentioned earlier – practice, practice, practice.
  4. Crop out the clutter. This is a rule we all probably already know, right? Because seriously, there are some things in the background of a photo that should be cropped out before it’s posted to your favorite social media platform. It only takes a second and could be the difference between a super cute selfie and an awkward one. So yeah, make sure you do one final check before tapping “share” on your next selfie.
  5. If you’re the opposite of me and you want to look pretty in every one of your selfies, or maybe just sometimes, then you could try an app like Perfect 365. It allows you to cover up imperfections, add eye shadow, mascara and other make-up, all while improving your complexion for the most gorgeous of shareable selfies. Basically it’s like giving yourself a makeover without going to the salon.

So there you have it. Five tips to help you become a selfie taking pro in no time at all. Or maybe you’re already a pro and you could totally teach a class on angles and lighting and the art of snapping a perfect selfie, but either way Happy National Selfie Day. Cheese!

Disclosure: I’m a compensated member of the U.S. Cellular Blogger Brigade, but opinions, thoughts, and obnoxious selfies are all my own. 



  1. Selfies are a lot of fun to look at but I’ve never been great at taking them. My sister on the other hand is literally the most photogenic person around and her selfies are flawless. Although to be fair, hers are also kind of boring because of that…Lol
    Carrie Chance recently posted..Toothbrush subscription service delivers smilesMy Profile

    • Hahaha, I hear you Carrie. Some people do seem to be more proficient at taking selfies, but I bet yours are better than you think. I mean, *I* don’t judge, especially since I’m willing to share some pretty candid ones of myself.

  2. I didn’t even realize it was national selfie day! Great tips here, I always look for natural light!

    • Right, Ashley? Like we actually needed a day dedicated to taking selfies! I have a feeling you’re pretty much a pro at taking stunning photos.

  3. Your selfies are amazing, so I’m happy to follow your tips! It feels, from social media, like every day is National Selfie Day!

    • Awww, thanks Lois. My key is that I don’t take myself too seriously and almost always share a selfie without a filter – because I’m both crazy and a little shameless. I hope the tips can help you in the future!

  4. National Selfie Day? LOL. I love it! I also have an Samsung phone, but somehow I find that everyone else’s arms seem longer (and better able to selfie) than me.

  5. LOL- I need help with my selfie! I need to practice. I feel like I always look horrible!
    Milena recently posted..10 Things I Learned and Lost Last Week #LifeLessonsMy Profile

  6. I never knew there was a national selfie day. This is pretty cool.
    Alicia Vanatta recently posted..5 Activities to Do During the Summer with KidsMy Profile

  7. Cropping and the head lean. Two elements I need to work on and two you seemed to have mastered.

  8. LOVE these tips and i love how they’re just in time for National Selfie Day! I definitely have some improvements to make on my selfie game, but these tips are great!

    • Yay! I’m glad these tips helped, Jenn. I need to get better at it, too, which is why I’m not embarrassed to admit there are a lot of “practice” selfies in my phone right now.

  9. I’m rubbish at taking selfies so I’ll have to give some of your tips a try! Thank you 🙂

    Louise x
    Louise recently posted..Oscar’s Travel Essentials for 4 Year Old BoysMy Profile

  10. Great tips! I’m not a good selfie taker and would love to improve my selfie game!

  11. My phone is full of selfies, but not mine. The kids are always gifting me with 800 of the same selfie. I need to be better about getting in the picture though, so maybe I need to steal some of their selfie love.

  12. We follow these rules as well when taking our selfies. Lighting and the angels are definitely imo the most important!

  13. I don’t tend to do selfies honestly and I had no idea yesterday was National Selfie Day till just now. I am happy though I did a rare selfie yesterday for a product skin care review item! I did use the right light even! I am teaching my kids all about the importance if lighting these days!
    Kimberly C. recently posted..The STEM Toys Kids and Parents are Loving! – Osmo – Best BuyMy Profile

  14. I think I take too many selfies to be totally honest with you so, now I make sure one of my cute kids are in the picture so I am sharing the moment and the memories with them.
    Didn’t know they had an entire day though!
    Heather Lawrence recently posted..Ka chow! Cars 3 Movie ReviewMy Profile

  15. I’m the person not good at taking selfie. Thanks for your great tips for taking the perfect selfie.
    Carl@Garage Door Opener recently posted..Genie TriloG 1500 1 HP Screw Drive Garage Door Opener ReviewMy Profile

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