#NaBloPoMo – What Writing a Blog Post Every Single Day Has Taught Me

I’m feeling a little tired tonight, but I made a commitment to myself for November’s NaBloPoMo and I simply will not allow myself to give up now. I’ve attempted to write regularly in the past and failed miserably, so the fact I’ve stuck with this challenge for the past ten days is something I’m a little proud of, to be perfectly honest. I have definitely learned a few things about myself and about blogging since the beginning of the month, some of which have surprised me a little.

  • I used to think writer’s block was the problem when I sat down and was unable to put together a post. In reality, I have a lot of ideas in my head and often feel overwhelmed and unsure where to begin when trying to write, so I just give up. At least I used to give up.
  • I keep a piece of paper and pen close by me at all times, so if an idea pops into my head I can write it down.
  • For some odd reason, I almost always begin writing a post while in the shower. As in, I talk through it out loud to myself. Is that strange? Please tell me I’m not the only one with such odd behavior?
  • Writing a blog post every single day takes discipline and dedication. And endurance. It takes serious endurance.
  • Some days it’s okay to just post pictures because that’s all you have energy for, even if it isn’t Wordless Wednesday.
  • Just like exercising, it is often better (and smarter) to blog in the morning or there’s a good chance you’ll find excuses as to why you don’t have the time.
  • There is inspiration all around you if you look closely enough.

Even though I’m feeling a little tired right now (I should probably follow my own advice and blog in the morning), I’m really happy with how the month has gone so far. As the month progresses I’m finding it easier and easier to come up with something to write about, but the true challenge will come when we are on vacation next week and I have to get a little creative finding time to blog. I mean, we’ll be at Walt Disney World and who has time for anything other than fun and sleeping while at the Happiest Place on Earth?

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