Meatless Monday – Would You like a Weekly Post?

Okay, last week I wrote a Meatless Monday post and shared one of my favorite recipes.  Is this something you would like to see on a weekly basis?  A post with an actual recipe or maybe a post with many general ideas of meals that don’t include meat?  I would love and appreciate your feedback on this topic.  I really enjoy sharing more about healthy eating and especially vegetarian dishes if you would all like to see it here. Or, how about this?  Is there a meal that you feed your family that you would like to be more healthy, but aren’t sure how to accomplish that?  I would love to help with those questions, too.  So, now I leave it in your hands.  Please leave me some ideas of what you would like to see! 


  1. I vote yes! Make this a weekly post. Please include meatless meals that veggie haters (*gasp*) would eat – If I can puree it (like a sauce) or like last week's meal (or pasta, ect) then I can use them more. Yes this is all about what I can use 😉 I kid, I would love to see lots of meat-free recipes of any kind, just likely to get the rest of my family to eat the meal if it doesn't include chunks of veggies they can see.

  2. Courtney says

    Yes please! I love recipe posts, especially vegan/vegetarian ones 🙂


  3. frugalgirl says

    Oh, thanks for the feedback Krista. Having a meat loving hubby I can understand the need for an extra "yum" factor with a vegetarian dish.

  4. frugalgirl says

    Thanks for your input!!

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