Longing for more while appreciating the now

I just got back from a short walk.  I needed to get out in the fresh air and make my way to our harbor. I needed to be close to the water and see the tugboats and the boat launch and smell that sea air. It’s literally just a five minute walk to arrive at the water.  Water that I often take for granted until I realize not everyone lives in such a beautiful place.  I often forget that some people might live their whole lives without seeing the view that I get to see on a daily basis, whether I take that short walk or get into my car to bring the kids to school or Nick to karate.  I’m doing my very best to find the really awesome things about where I live when I long so much and sometimes ache to live where there’s something more.  Where there are palm trees and people.  Lots of people from every background.  A place where there are restaurants to order takeout that’s delivered and where there’s more shopping options than I could visit in one day.   I won’t ever give up on making those hopes and dreams a reality, but for today I’m choosing to appreciate where we are right now.


  1. Cheryle Barnes says

    There is nothing quite like walking at the ocean to clear our minds and breathe in the fresh salt air! You are correct in that we do need to reflect on the blessings we have that make us appreciate them more fully. You are one of mine!!:)

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