Jim Carrey’s daughter given special treatment for ‘Idol’ audition?

I’ve watched American Idol since the second season. I love to hear the stories of those auditioning, some heart warming, some a little crazy, but everyone has a story. I love the opportunity this show offers to those who might not otherwise get exposure, especially the most talented ones. It’s an amazing chance to make a dream come true, so after watching not one, but two, very exciting championship football games on Sunday (Yay Patriots), Paul and I watched the San Diego audition episode of American Idol. Oh San Diego, how I love and miss thee. As is usually the case, the most humble performers seem to have the most special talent. Then in walks Jane Carrey, as in the daughter of Jim Carrey, seemingly humble considering who her Dad is. In a video of her interview piece she shared how tough it’s been to live in the shadow of a famous father and that she’s doing this to make a name for herself. On her own. I was actually impressed and even said out loud, good for her, she wants to be recognized for her talent and not by who her father happens to be. This is American Idol, though, so who you are related to isn’t shouldn’t be as important as how well you can sing. I think she has a good voice. I truly don’t see her winning the entire contest, but time will tell since the judges voted and gave her a coveted golden ticket to Hollywood.

Let me back up a bit and explain a little something about American Idol in case you are someone who doesn’t actually watch the show. There are often thousands and thousands of hopefuls waiting in in line, sometimes overnight, for their chance to sing in front of the judges. It’s exhausting, they miss work, and some probably need to find childcare, but they all have dreams and know this line is one step toward making their dream a reality. They adjust their lives accordingly.

Remember how I said Jane Carrey seemed eager to find success outside of her father’s shadow? Maybe work hard as opposed to having daddy set up a meeting with some prominent music executive? Let’s face it, I’m pretty sure Jim Carrey could make that happen. Well, my opinion of Jane has changed after what I heard this morning. Apparently she did not sleep overnight to hold her place in line nor did she sit in a huge holding area for several hours with hundreds of other auditioners. It seems she scheduled an appointment, walked in, and sang for the judges. So much for not using her name to make things happen, huh? Now, American Idol hasn’t verified this as true and supposedly the judges had no idea, but this really makes me angry. Waiting in that very long line is part of the American Idol experience. It shows a special kind of drive and determination, as opposed to someone with privilege getting special treatment. I’m not saying she’s not a driven, hard-working woman because I don’t know her, but in this case she got preferential treatment and it doesn’t sit well with me. I’m pretty sure the simple fact that she is Jim Carrey’s daughter was going to make this an uphill challenge for her, but now I’m pretty sure if she makes it past those grueling initial days of the competition in Hollywood and the public starts to vote, they may not feel a lot of love for the girl who simply had to show up for her appointment to sing.



  1. I haven’t watched AI in years… but hopefully the best and most talented singer and performer will win. The public usually gets it right, don’t they? =)

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