Jeans are Better Than Yoga Pants & Choose Hugs Not Carbs

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad it’s Friday. Even though we’ve had some really nice family days together due to no school for Cody and Nick, no work for Paul, and the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m feeling a little worn out and exhausted. From all the pre-holiday food preparations to eating all that food my body is tired and a little upset with me for eating more than I probably should have, but I only do it once a year and it was just so darn good I couldn’t help myself. I mean, can we please talk about the stuffing and the mashed potatoes with gravy? Those two are my favorite Thanksgiving foods, but they also happen to be loaded with carbohydrates and since I don’t typically eat like such a glutton the last couple days have taken quite a toll on my body and my digestion. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every single bite and I might even enjoy a few more bites of the leftovers tomorrow, but I also plan to spend some time on the treadmill because if I keep this up my jeans won’t fit me by Monday. And I love my jeans way too much to trade them in for yoga pants. Wait. That came out wrong because I love my yoga pants, too, and boy do I love spending several hours a day wrapped in their stretchy comfort, but I don’t want to have to wear them all the time. I’m such a liar because I totally wouldn’t mind pretty much living in my yoga pants. Do you see what all those Thanksgiving carbs have done to my brain? They are causing me to lose focus and not appreciate my cute jeans as much as I should and we all know a woman should never take her favorite pair of jeans for granted because she is just one holiday feeding frenzy away from trading them in permanently for yoga pants and when that happens she starts to feel hopeless and figures just one more bowl of stuffing won’t hurt and then she goes straight for the pumpkin pie and it’s all downhill from there. So do me a favor, okay? If you see a friend wearing yoga pants in public at the grocery store, go up to her and give her a big hug because hugs are better than carbs and your kind gesture might make her forget why she’s at the grocery store in the first place…to buy a tub of gelato to go with the pumpkin pie.


  1. Thank you for helping me feel less alone in my agony and oh my gosh, YES, hug yourself. Hug yourself every darn day!

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