It was a challenging day

I got up today with a really long to-do list as I’m preparing for us to travel as a family to Orlando, otherwise known as Walt Disney World. Not on my list was cleaning up after a dog who had some tummy issues. Nope. That was nowhere to be found on my list, but it sucked up a huge amount of my time today. Well, the clean up took up a lot of my time. I’ll spare you details or photos, but if you’re a pet owner, you might get it. If you aren’t a pet owner, you probably made a wise choice. I love my dogs and today that love was challenged. In the middle of cleaning up after one of the dogs and making sure I got them outside more than usual just in case, I also had to get Cody into the doctor’s office as a very last minute appointment because the highly disorganized folks at the Special Olympics office here in our fine state didn’t have any paperwork for Cody to compete in a week and a half. The very next day after we return from our trip to Florida. They let us know about the lack of paperwork yesterday. Awesome, right? Yeah, not so much. Remember that to-do list? This was another item not on that list. There were several moments when I simply broke down into tears today. It was a lot and I was feeling a little overwhelmed because we leave for that awesomely amazing trip tomorrow and I was feeling like everything just wasn’t going to get done. The mid way point of my day still hadn’t seen many of the items checked off my list and my hope was fading fast. I needed more coffee and another body to help with getting everything done. Then I checked the mail and got a letter from the radiology department at the hospital that began with the following:

We are pleased to inform you that the results of your recent breast imaging examination are normal.

That simple piece of mail most definitely turned my day around and brought with it some perspective. Well, for a few minutes anyway.


  1. Disney World here come the Herards!!!:)

  2. Thinking about you and wishing you oodles of fun on this family adventure! (and glad you got the results, too!)

  3. Maria Stones says

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