Invisalign Teen Make Me Smile Challenge

Have you ever played that game with other people, you know the one where you see who will crack a smile first?  Or is the first who shows their teeth? It’s like board games, really, every family has their own set of rules for these things.  Really, it’s mostly about bragging rights, bragging rights rank way higher than just about anything with me, except maybe coffee, or chocolate, or….okay, maybe there are a few things better than bragging rights, but still, it’s fun family times to play these kinds of games.  Another version of this that we love to play in our family is trying to make one person smile and, ultimately, laugh.  I have a few silly faces that I make or some witty sayings that break my husband into laughter, but at the end of it all, it’s just fun to see others smile, don’t you think?  You’ve heard that it takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown, right?  Who needs that kind of exhaustion
When I heard about Invisalign’s Make Me Smile Challenge, I was excited.  Something that is going to get people being silly for the purpose of making others smile is a great challenge for any day of the week.  Basically, they are issuing challenges (three total over the course of three months) and all you have to do is get creative, upload a short video (no longer than 30 seconds), enter as many times as you like, and have fun! For all the details visit the Make Me Smile page and get started on your entries. 
I have two sons ( as you may already know), one is a teenager and one is a pre-teen, and smiles on their faces mean more to me than the moon and the stars.  If they smile I smile – a good kind of contagious for this time of the year.  One thing I know about teenagers and pre-teens is that they are super self-conscious about their appearance.  This is something I completely understand.  When I was a teenager I wore braces on my teeth for over three years and I often hated to smile due to the fact I was afraid to blind everyone at the sight of my tinsel teeth.  Yes, that’s a name I remember being called quite well so if my kids were in need of braces for their teeth, I would want to consider their self-image and research possible options for a more pleasant experience for them.  Invisalign is one such option that would be great due to the fact it is, well, mostly invisible!   I totally wish this was an option when I was a young girl. 
Here are some highlights that I love about Invisalign for Teens:

  • Hardly noticeable due to near-invisibility
  • Can be removed for regular brushing and flossing
  • No food restrictions – eat whatever you want
  • It’s comfortable – no awful wires cutting into your mouth ( I went through a lot of wax as a teen)
  • FDA approved – easing the mind of many parents who might be skeptical of the effectiveness
  • Affordability – this one surprised me – but it’s often covered by insurance companies
  • Invisalign works quickly and effectively – treatment time averages between 9 and 15 months (way better than the three and a half years I wore my metal braces)
  • Can be used to treat a variety of conditions including overly crowded teeth, overbite, and underbite

I have to say, I’m so glad to have learned about Invisalign and their wonderful product that’s geared toward teenagers.  Looking to future, if either of my sons has a need for any orthodontic care, I’m certainly going to request that Invisalign be considered as the first choice of treatement. 

Disclosure:  I wrote this post through a Mom Blogger’s Club member program and am being compensated for my time.  The opinions are my own, though.

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