In Search of the Best Maine Lobster Roll

On two separate occasions and with two different people I had a discussion about Maine Lobster Rolls last weekend. More specifically, the conversations were about the fact I’ve lived in Maine nearly all my life, but have never eaten a lobster roll. The problem is that just because a person lives in Maine it doesn’t mean they automatically like to eat lobster. As a matter of fact, I barely eat one a year and it’s usually during the summer months. I remember as a kid watching as the grown-ups ate lobster as I sat by eating something way less savory.  My Mom did always allow me to eat the meat from the teeny tiny legs, though, which is a childhood memory I cherish for some reason. Now I’m not sure if the kids weren’t included in lobster feasts because we didn’t “like” it or if it was because my parents couldn’t afford for all of us to eat them. Either way, I’m pretty sure I never ate an entire lobster until I was years into adulthood and they have never been something I crave. I will say this, though, the more butter the better when eating a lobster. You know, the healthy way.

So these two conservations about lobster rolls got me thinking and wondering what all the fuss is about. I mean it’s basically just lobster and mayo on a toasted hot dog bun, so how good can it really be? Or maybe that’s exactly why they are so darn tasty. Maybe that’s why people are willing to pay nearly fifteen dollars for lobster meat stuffed into a small bun, especially the tourist people. I’m pretty sure I could probably make my own lobster roll, but I hate the mess in my kitchen after cooking lobster, so I’ve decided to go on the hunt for the perfect Maine Lobster Roll. Not only do I live in Maine, but I live on the Coast of Maine, so there must be a few delicious options right outside my front door. If not, I’m willing to travel a few miles in order to sink my teeth into a truly authentic and delicious Maine Lobster Roll.

Have you ever eaten a lobster roll? What should I look for? What should I avoid? I only want to eat one, so it has to be the perfect one.

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