I’m sick of politically correct(ed) holidays

I should probably warn you, there’s a rant ahead.  Still here?  Okay fine, let’s do this.

So I was driving along with my husband in the car this morning having a nice conversation with the radio as background sound.  We were half listening while chatting and not paying close attention until one of the hosts of the radio show said something about her daughter coming home from school where she was told to call Easter eggs Spring spheres.  That’s right.  Yet another holiday related thing being politically corrected.  Easter eggs are just that.  They are a symbol of Easter and kids and fun hunting through the house or outside in the yard, usually on, ahem, Easter.  Not some random day in springtime, but Easter.  I’m so sick of these sorts of things.  Schools that won’t celebrate a Christmas party or even recognize Christmas for fear of what?  Offending someone?  I can remember my kids coming home in elementary school having learned about Kwanzaa and how to use a dreidel.  This is called teaching diversity, whereas talking about Easter eggs is more like pushing your religion onto somebody else?  I don’t recall anyone ever trying to come up with some sort of creative name for this little wooden uniquely shaped children’s toy known as a dreidel. Instead, our kids needed to play and sing along for the sake of learning about other cultures and religions.  I have no problem with that.  In fact, I welcome it.  I love to learn about cultures and I love when my kids have the opportunity to as well.  I will not, however, be told to keep my Merry Christmas or my Easter eggs to myself and I certainly don’t think it’s at all fair to hush a child if they are talking about the symbols that represent their holidays.  Where is the diversity in that?


  1. Cheryle Barnes says

    I totally agree Cathy. I don’t understand why it’s ok for other religions, ethnic groups, special interests groups, etc. to promote their beliefs but if we Catholics, Protestants, Caucasians, heterosexuals, etc. want to remain loyal about ours we are discriminating, insulting and, in some cases, made to stop!! It’s absolutely wrong and insulting. Whatever happened to freedom for ALL in America?

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