Fitness Friday is My Favorite Excuse to Talk about Running

Beach to Beacon 10K

Health, fitness, and especially running are all a huge part of my life, but they are also the things I seem to write about the least. This month, though, I plan to change that because I’m going to write more about the things I love and running is easily at the top of that list. Going forward I’d like to dedicate Fridays to fitness, Fitness Friday if you will. While I understand that not everyone can relate to my passion for running, I hope that we can all agree that health and fitness are pretty good priorities to have in life. Pizza and cake are also important priorities in life. It’s all about balance.

Earlier this year I ran my favorite 10k road race. The 10k is not my favorite distance, but the Beach to Beacon 10k holds a special place in my heart. It was founded by a Maine runner I’ve idolized since I was 12 years old and the fact she doesn’t leave the finish area until all participants have crossed the line is one of things I love most about her. She’s also very sweet when I accost her for a selfie and always asks me a personal question after I introduce myself. This year’s race was brutal, to say the least. It’s an August race, so it’s always super hot, but this year mother nature decided to throw in 100% humidity (literally, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT) just for fun.

Have you heard how they say a woman is ready for another pregnancy when she forgets the pain of the previous one? Well I can tell you it’s totally true and that it also pertains to running a race. Or at least to me it does since I can pretty much relate everything in life to running. I’m kind of obsessed with running. Wait, no, that sounds like I’m crazy or something. How about this. I’m passionate about running. Yeah, that’s much better. I actually think most runners would agree with me on this one. Like, for example, I’m pretty sure the thought crossed my mind at some point during this year’s Beach to Beacon 10k that I was going to collapse and require medical attention, which was quickly replaced with OMG, I can’t wait for registration to open next year so I can do this all over again.

Okay, fine. Maybe I AM a little crazy.


  1. Congrats to you for running/finishing the race! Every year I swear I am going to start running, and I never do. Perhaps this coming year will be the year. Or maybe not. But you are right about health and fitness. I do need to try to pay more attention to that in my life. And as for balance? I was going to do Huntsville’s “First Yoga, Then Beer” event, but then it got cancelled. If that isn’t balance, then I don’t know what is. Boo.
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    • Hahaha, yoga and beer is totally a perfect example of balance. Running/racing isn’t for everyone, but definitely make YOU a priority. 🙂

  2. Great Story you shared Cathy. I think fitness is one of the most important vital part of our life and so is all the fun and junk food. I agree 100% on you with the balance part. That everyone needs to find the balance. Running is one of the best things you can do for fitness. I’m looking forward to your future posts about running.

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