I love my family

I always dreamt of having a daughter and all of the girly things we would do together, like going for manicures, brushing each other’s hair or going shopping together, but in reality I gave birth to two boys. I love them beyond words and I wouldn’t change a thing, but sometimes a girl just needs to feel like a girl. Unfortunately, dragging my family out shopping with me isn’t my idea of fun. Or theirs. We do it, though, because they love me and because I make them.

Paul has been a professional wrestling fan since the day I met him and now thanks to him, Nick and Cody love it as well, so when I saw that the WWE would be doing a show fairly local to us, I decided we should go. Really, what I wanted was for them to go, but remember how I said I love them very much? Yeah, that, so we all went. We made the one hour drive, sat in traffic for the same amount of time, and rushed into the arena just in time for the first match to be done. I don’t like bleachers and I certainly don’t like sitting as close to people other than my family like I had to that night, but oh the sacrifices I make for these boys that I love so very much. Aside from being cramped and uncomfortable, we had terrific seats with a perfect view of all the action. Honestly, what I enjoyed most about the whole evening was seeing the joy on all of their faces because not only were they watching a live WWE event, but Cody and Nick both got to see their very favorite Superstars in the ring. Their faces lit up instantly and their eyes widened in awe, just like when I walk into a Target store that also has a Starbucks. You get what I’m saying, right? Don’t take my word for it, though, I took a few pictures. Warning: I only had my phone, which doesn’t exactly take professional quality photos, but hey they aren’t awful either.

Where the wrestlers made their entrance

Cody’s favorite – Kane

Cody watching his favorite in the ring

Nick’s hero – CM Punk

Nick’s eyes were glued on his favorite in the ring

We truly had a really wonderful night out and while it wasn’t my first choice, I’d do it again to see the joy in their faces. Now, where should I make them take me shopping this weekend?

Disclosure: We were provided with complimentary tickets to attend this event, but I wasn’t asked to write this post. Thoughts are always honest and my own.


  1. It’s funny that you wrote about this- Roo asked me the other day if I would take her to a wrestling match if she liked wrestling. I said probably so, but that I was pretty thankful she wasn’t a big wrestling fan… we did go to a hockey game a while back. Ah, the things we do with our kids!


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