I like to please my family

While I feel truly fortunate for the many amazing opportunities that have come to me through blogging, some of my most favorite are the ones that have included unforgettable experiences for my family, like attending live WWE events. Here’s the thing, I don’t get nearly the same joy from watching these Superstars climb into a ring and battle it out as my husband and sons do, but it does bring me joy to see them having a wonderful time. I can’t put a price on that and it’s certainly worth the couple of hours in an uncomfortable chair to see them walk away with memories that will hopefully last them a lifetime. I’m grateful to see these faces light up at the sights and sounds that surround them while sitting in the arena where their beloved wrestlers will soon appear.
Paul and boys at WWE Augusta

 The lights go down, the music gets really loud, and their heads turn to see who’s going to make the first entrance. All I’m concerned with is snapping that perfect photo to capture moments for them all to cherish in the future. Unfortunately for them, I’m not exactly a professional and don’t always have the best timing, like with the many times I attempted to get a picture of Nick getting a hand slap from a Superstar. I mean, he had the best seat for that purpose. He was literally right there, right where they all make their entrance down the ramp and into the ring. So while I totally blew a lot of photo opportunities, I’m certain he didn’t care and I’m pretty confident he didn’t even notice since his face was fixed on the ring the entire night, especially when the guy he admires most entered the auditorium. CM Punk.

WWE Augusta Nick Collage

He watched, totally mesmerized, the entire time that man was in the ring. And for those several minutes I just watched Nick. I made an effort several times throughout the evening to watch through his eyes, and Cody’s eyes as well. Even though this whole wrestling thing is not my preferred way to spend a Friday night, it meant a lot to my family that we did it together, so it truly meant a lot to me to be there. Not long after Nick’s favorite left the ring the announcer said there would be a short intermission while the event staff built a cage around the ring. The boys sat glued to their seats watching and eagerly waiting for that structure to be built, so they could watch the final match of the night. What Cody didn’t realize yet was that his favorite Superstar would now be entering the ring, that cage, to battle it out. Kane.

WWE Augusta Cage Collage

I really couldn’t have asked for a better evening for these guys. They got to experience one of their most favorite things in all the world and I got to sit back and watch have an amazing time.  And I’m not saying they owe me or anything, but I’m certainly not opposed to spending an hour, or five, at a spa. Just in case they’d like to repay me. Not that I’d ever expect anything in return for doing something absolutely selfless and amazing for them, but just in case.


Disclosure: The WWE provided the fantastic seats for my family to attend this event, but didn’t ask anything of me in return. All opinions in this post are mine and always honest.



  1. You are a good mom! Loved being able to spend a bit of time with you this week.

  2. What an experience Cathy. Those men in your life are lucky to have you!
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  3. Fernanda Carvalho says

    when it comes to our family, we will do everything to make them happy because we love them so much. No can replace our role as a mother in our family.

    Looks like tons of fun in your weekend family bonding.. keep it up. 🙂
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  4. Your´e a lucky one! Congratulation.
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  5. Our family is really important and we can even do everything for them.. And yeah I agree, we always love to please our family..
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