Sometimes Mondays Aren’t So Bad

Be honest. Do you like Mondays? I mean, I know they generally get a bad rap, but I’ve honestly never had much against them except of course when I’m having a bad one. In that case, it’s totally Monday’s fault for whatever is going wrong at the time. Mostly, though, I’ve always liked Mondays. I like how they represent the start of a fresh, new week filled with potential and a whole lot of possibility. I know I’m probably in the minority on that one, but I’m totally okay with that since I seem to be in the minority regarding a lot of things.

Another reason I never used to mind Mondays was because my husband worked in hospitality and if you know anything about hospitality you know it’s not a traditional Monday – Friday kind of profession. He often had Mondays off because he pretty much almost always worked on the weekends. That, and the fact he also worked on a few holidays, was one of the main reasons I never liked his career choice. He loved what he did, though, so I just sort of dealt with it. By dealt with it, I mean I pretty much complained a lot, especially when our kids were younger. Let’s face it. It’s really challenging to have any amount of quality family time when Dad works the opposite of when the kids go to school. Now, though, that’s all changed. One, the kids are both out of school (grade school, anyway) and Paul now works a Monday – Friday job and he actually has several holidays off every year. It’s been a positive transition that we’ve all really enjoyed.

Can we go back to talking about Mondays again? And their bad reputation?

Yesterday was one of those Mondays when I was minding my own business and getting some things organized for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. The weather was kind of terrible, so I was dragging a bit, but mother nature gets the blame for that, not Monday. At one point I was rushing past my phone to go check on the laundry when I heard an email notification. Like usual, I quickly clicked it so I could delete another piece of virtual junk mail and get back to the fun tasks of laundry and sweeping and washing dishes. Only it wasn’t junk at all. It was actually, like, pretty much the best email I’ve ever received on a Monday. I’m not exactly keeping track of these things, but when I read it some expletives came out of my mouth as I paced across the kitchen floor about to burst at the seams with excitement. I tried to text Paul with the good news, but ummmm, it was Monday and he was at work doing work stuff and didn’t reply immediately. How dare he?!?!  So I flew open Nick’s bedroom door without even knocking to tell him the good news. I’m certain he thought I was out of my mind. Well, he pretty much always thinks that, understandably so, but this time he’d actually be right. I couldn’t stop moving or talking or swearing. Why do you suppose I swear so much when I’m happy? Never mind because I don’t actually care why I do it since we’re all adults in our house and nobody has delicate ears. I’m not sure if Nick was genuinely as happy as I was about the news or if he was just smiling at my crazy behavior. Either way, I’ll take it. Because any day I can make that kid smile is a good day, especially when it’s a Monday.

How do you feel about Monday? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Does it make you feel like this:



  1. Monday can be a fickle day for me. I always try to tackle a big part of my to-do list for the week. Sounds like your monday was amazing!
    Keikilani recently posted..3 Reasons to Add Music to your Christmas List for the KidsMy Profile

  2. I’m on the fence with Monday. Sometimes it’s horrendous because my daughter doesn’t deal well at daycare. Other times I love a fresh start to the week.
    Jaime recently posted..Get your kid’s items organized with Mabel’s Labels!My Profile

  3. Personally I love Mondays! I feel like if you set a good tone starting first things Monday morning then I have a productive and great week! We need to start a new fun positive Monday hashtag to encourage more goodness on most people’s least fave day of the week!

  4. Mondays are just another day to me. Just like weekends. I work in retail, so it’s also not a traditional Monday-Friday gig. Only after a few years running a food establishment there, I finally have (most) nights and weekends off. So I’m coming to like weekends. Well, coming to like having two days off in a row. I don’t care much which two days they are, it’s just nice to have a day to rest AND a day to run errands, and not have to try to do both on the same day.

    I do hope you can share your good news with your readers soon!
    Kim @ The ReInVintaged Life recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – The things you find in the thrift storeMy Profile

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