I Just moved into my new blog, who’s bringing me cupcakes?

I love the internet.  I love how we can connect with others clear across the world and sometimes people we’ve never met right in our own neighborhood.  It’s amazing how with the stroke of a few keys we can find answers to simple questions or find the local retailer of one of our favorite products.  It’s simply incredible all of the information that can be found on the internet.  I love information.  I love blogs that provide information on particular topics, but what connects me the most to a blog, and especially to the blogger who writes it, is when they write personal posts.  The ones about their triumphs or their heartbreaks.  It connects us on a level that means more to me than finding the best price on on my kids’ favorite video game ever could.  When I originally started blogging it was for the sole purpose of sharing my passion for living a greener lifestyle and hoping to inspire others to do the same.  As my blog has evolved so have I and I realize that I don’t want to write a post that relates to green living every single time I sit at the keyboard.  Sometimes I want to write about struggles as a parent to a child with special needs or how the death of one of my parents has affected me or just to share some truly spectacular news. 

I never want to feel like I’m holding back on a post because the title of my blog dictates that I should.  When I considered a new name for my blog, it was tough.  I’ve never been into the cutesy stuff and  Jenny and Erin already had two of the most awesome blog titles.  Ever.  I knew I couldn’t come up anything close to the cleverness of either of those women so I then decided it might make for a smoother transition if I just named my new blog after, well, myself.  I mean, Jessica did it and she does a pretty darn good job so I think it will suit me just fine.  At least for now.  These are all women, among others, that I admire, have inspired me, have made me laugh, and even made me cry.  I am so grateful to have them and their blogs in my life on practically a daily basis.  I only hope I can bring the same to others as I continue to write and share my life with everyone.

I can’t let this first post on my new domain go by without a huge thank you to my friend, Mariana.  She has answered numerous questions and spent many minutes, okay more like hours, with me on Skype working through several of the technical challenges I’ve encountered.  The tech side of blogging is serious brain work you guys.  I’m not even kidding and when you basically have to do it all yourself having someone you can count on for help is priceless.  I pay Mariana with grief and laughs so I think we’re pretty much even.  Which leads me to one request?  If you happen to notice anything out of place or funky looking, it’s totally Mariana’s fault , please let me know so I can get her to help me fix it right away.

P.S. If you have a suggestion for the perfect tagline I’d love to hear it.  You know, something clever or witty, but not cheesy or boring.  That narrows it done quite a bit, right?

P.P.S. If that seems too overwhelming and you’d rather not put the pressure on yourself, I completely understand.  Just don’t forget to send cupcakes.


  1. Thank you for the shout-out and good luck with this new venture, Cathy!

    Did you lose your previous comments? Crap. Wasn’t there a way to import them back into WP?

    • I have to look again at those lost comments….tried to import unsuccessfully. Oh, and YOU are awesome!


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