I finally hung some curtains

Kitchen window

For the nearly two years that we’ve lived in our current home the kitchen and living room areas haven’t had any window treatments. I could say they were packed deep in a box that ended up in the far depths of our storage unit or that I just haven’t found the right ones on clearance at Target, or my favorite, that they are just breeders of germs and dust and we are simply healthier without them, but mostly these reasons wouldn’t be true. The fact of the matter is that decorating of any sort seems so permanent for me and because I have a strong desire to live someplace far away from here, really far away from here, I sometimes fear that setting up a beautifu and cozy home would lead to feeling too comfortable and lead to a loss of desire to move toward our goals and hopes and dreams. I know this may sound absolutely crazy and according to my husband, it definitely does, but it’s how I feel. I simply don’t feel settled where we are living and to be quite honest, I haven’t for many years.

A couple of weeks ago Paul finally convinced me to buy window treatments for our living room and kitchen. I was so hesitant and dragged my feet, claiming we couldn’t afford it or that there just wasn’t anything I liked in the fifty different places we searched. Eventually I gave in and we made the purchases. I even ironed all of them before they were hung. Seriously, I don’t even iron clothes so the fact that I ironed curtains is a level of domesticity I’d rather not brag about. I have to say that I love them, all of them. They are bright and cheery and bring a bit of comfort to our home. Between you and me, though, I’m totally playing some sort of reverse phychology trick on the universe. Go ahead universe, give me someplace really fantastic to live now that I’m content in my current home. I dare you.

Wait. I double dog dare you.


  1. I think you want to move to San Diego?? I can understand the fear behind settling down and feeling a sense of permanence. I have a friend who was afraid to buy a couch for years for the very same reasons. She finally did and now feels grounded-not stuck. Hopefully your beautiful curtains will do the same for you.

    • Lori! It’s like you’re inside my head or something……or maybe I’ve talked about this whole San Diego thing before. 😉 Thanks so much for the sharing your friend’s situation, at least now I don’t feel alone or crazy.

  2. Cheryle Barnes says

    I like the curtains! And you’re not crazy. You’re MY niece!!?)

  3. JDaniel4's Mom says

    I think treatments make a house a home. The green curtains look great.

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